How The GOP Can Win Black Votes - Talk To Black People

I read, with great interest, Mr. Jeff Charles’ interesting two part article recounting Liberty Nation’s interview with a lady named Ms. Felicia Killings, in which she provided her considered opinion on why the GOP isn’t winning black votes and offered her suggestions of what the GOP and Conservatives need to do to get the African American community to give the Republican Party a second look.

While I confess that I had never heard of Ms. Killings or her FKMinistries before this, I found a lot of her points to be on target, even if not exactly unfamiliar; e.g. Republicans, especially black Republicans, need to modify their language – I’d ban black conservatives from using the word “plantation” if I could. She also called for the GOP to be more aggressive and willing to forcefully challenge the Left in the black community, and that even if everything goes right, we should be prepared for a long hard slog before expecting any results.

Ultimately though, Killings offers more of a high overarching view of how Republicans should go about winning over more black voters than an actual plan on how to go about it.

The question is; how do you operationalize it? How do you put it into action? Where do you need to go? Who do you need to see and talk to? What arguments should you push? What pitfalls should you look out for?

I decided to imagine myself advising Brad Parscale as he prepares for the President’s 2020 campaign, and try and answer these questions.

These are my ideas of what I think should work;

1. Talk to black people.
For establishment Republican campaign “experts” like Steve Schmidt, Stuart Stevens, John Weaver, etc. this means meeting with the NAACP, having a summit with the Congressional Black Caucus, etc. I, on the other hand, literally mean, talk to black people.

Note that Schmidt and his fellow high society “experts” will be among the most vociferous critics of any serious attempt by the GOP to engage with black voters.

A neutral observer of Republican campaigns for the Presidency and statewide offices in the last four decades could be forgiven for believing that there’s some sort of gentleman’s agreement between the GOP’s most elite cadre of campaign runners and advisers and the Democrat Party’s own operatives that has top Republican campaign planners, as a matter of deliberate policy, actively sabotage and shut down any meaningful attempts by their principals to challenge Democrats for the votes of blacks, Hispanics, etc.

According to reports, Rick Scott had to fight tooth and nail throughout his campaign against his own campaign staff who were unhappy at his decision to fight for the Hispanic vote during his ultimately successful Senate campaign to unseat Bill Nelson in 2018.

In the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s tweets on the undeniably deplorable living conditions in Elijah Cummings’ district, Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson retraced the amazing Kim Klacik’s footsteps and took a walking tour of West Baltimore, speaking to dozens of Cummings’ ignored constituents.

The Trump Campaign should do something similar, but push it a step further and invite selected residents from West Baltimore and similar blighted minority-majority neighborhoods across the country to a series of townhall “conversations”, including, I suggest, a few at the White House. Two to three times a month. I’d advise that they be catered events and transportation should be offered to a select number of invitees who wouldn’t be able to make it otherwise.