Mr. President - This Bill Incentivizes Child Abductions And Trafficking. Veto It.

Reading Mike Krikorian’s take on this bill over at NRO makes it very clear that the stupidest members of the Senate Republican Caucus were sent over to “negotiate” with the Democrats.

Section 224 states:
None of the funds provided by this act … may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child.

This is nothing less than a call for anyone attempting to cross the border to bring a child along with them, whether the child is theirs or not.

This will definitely create an underground market for child trafficking, as cartels in Mexico and South America already have enough tentacles in every illegal immigrant enclave to match and sell children to any “household” that requires them.

Given what we know happens to 80% of girls and a not insignificant number of boys, crossing the border, this is nothing short of a human caused catastrophe.

Veto this bill, Mr. President. Point out this section. Say it incentivizes child trafficking and demand it be stripped out before you’ll sign it.

Let the Democrats and their media operatives scream.