The Roy Moore Precedent Comes Back To Bite Brett Kavanaugh

There is no casual dismissing of the similarities between what is happening now with Judge Brett Kavanaugh and what happened to Roy Moore. Nor can the fact be dismissed that the latter set the precedent for the former – even the dim bulbs at Think Progress know it.

Face it; once it was accepted that last minute allegations of events from decades ago with zero contemporaneous documentation or evidence could be taken as gospel truth, this tactic was essentially greenlighted as valid for the Left to deploy over and over again. After all, it worked – in ruby Red Alabama, no less.

So this anonymous allegation being levelled now was utterly predictable, and in fact, a large number of people did in fact predict it in the immediate aftermath of Roy Moore’s loss and immediately Kavanaugh’s nomination was announced.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) makes it a point to ask every nominee to confess to committing sexual assault, so there’s no excuse for not seeing this coming. If anything, Senate Republicans should be telling all nominees for any position by this Administration to assemble a battalion of character witnesses as a matter of course.

The interesting thing is that while the Left is more than happy to allege some sort of conspiracy to explain Kavanaugh’s 65 female character witnesses, skeptics of Moore’s accusers were admonished for bringing up the high likelihood that Moore’s fortuitously timed 9 accusers were also recruited.

Even worse is the other precedents set during the Moore episode; that accusers are never to be questioned, that any attempt by the accused to defend himself is further evidence of his moral depravity and that the sheer volume of accusations obviates any requirement for evidence.

So many people, many of whom I still have a lot of respect for – including Caleb Howe, Ben Shapiro, etc – insisted that requiring more than just the words of women coming out the woodwork decades after the supposed fact was not necessary because this was “not a court of law” – jettisoning the *cultural* principle of “innocent until proven guilty” – the idea that it should apply even outside a courtroom.

All Democrats now need to do now is to have another two or three women level similar allegations.

The problem this presents to Brett Kavanaugh is that over the course of his life and especially given where he lives, Kavanaugh has certainly met and interacted with more than one woman who is now a member of the #Resistance.

Given what we’ve seen now (the women in Handmaiden’s Tale costumes, a college professor actually shooting himself to protest Trump), is anyone really willing to bet there are not more than at least five women willing to do *anything* – including level false allegations of sexual assault – to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court?

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