The Media Goes After Brett Kavanaugh's Family

A cardinal rule in American politics is that families are out of bounds. You don’t go after spouses, you don’t go after children or grandchildren, and unless in very extraordinary circumstances, you don’t go after extended family members.

There’s a caveat to this though – one that is an open secret in virtually every major newsroom. The above rule only applies to Democrats. It does not apply to Republican spouses, children or grandchildren; people unlucky enough to be related to someone declassé enough to run for office as a Republican or accept a nomination to any office by a Republican are fair game.

Which brings us to Ashley Kavanaugh – wife of Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Last week, the Associated Press and the New York Times (in the person of investigative “journalist” Steve Eder) sent requests for emails sent or received by Ashley Kavanaugh in her capacity as town manager of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Specifically, they want any emails with the words;

  • Gun
  • Gay
  • SCOTUS / Supreme Court
  • Brett
  • Husband
  • Federalist
  • Leonard Leo
  • etc.

The AP and NYT are clearly planning to produce hit pieces targeting Ashley Kavanaugh in a bid to harm his chances for confirmation. Sort of a “lovely wife you have there, Mr. Kavanaugh, Would be a shame to see her reputation destroyed, wouldn’t it?”

Some things need to be stressed here;

1. There’s not a single member of the NYT’s newsroom (and the newsrooms of the WaPo, the Big Three, CNN, MSNBC) who would even dream of making such a request about the spouse of a Democrat SCOTUS nominee. In fact, they would be at the forefront in savaging any journalist or outlet that makes such a request.

2. Going after a Republican Supreme Court nominee’s family is nothing new for the Left, most especially the New York Times. In 2005, the NYT hired lawyers in a bid to open up the adoption records of then SCOTUS nominee John Roberts’ children.

Of course, this is not limited to the spouses and children of GOP SCOTUS nominees.

Many of the same journalists that defended reporters stalking Sarah Palin’s children as they went to school in Alaska and camping outside the Palins’ home, and also spent a lot of time spying on the George W. Bush’s twin girls, were simultaneously careful to keep any mention of the Biden children’s own problems to a minimum.

The endpoint is that Brett Kavanaugh needs to prepare not just himself, but every one of his family members, including his young daughters, against the attacks surely coming their way.

Because if embarrassing and humiliating middle/high school rumors about the young Kavanaugh ladies will throw a wrench into the works in getting Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS, they will suddenly become “fit to print.”