Mueller Manafort Motion DENIED By Pawn Of Putin MAGAdook Judge!

What has happened to America? Has Vladimir Putin truly corrupted every Branch of Government?

We already know he owns the Presidency – and that he personally handpicked or vetoed every member of the Cabinet. We already know he owns several members of Congress, like Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Dana Rohrabacher, Louie Gohmert Lindsay Graham, Chuck Grassley and the ultimate Trump toolboy, Devin Nunes.

Luckily, the Great Robert Mueller was appointed and given the powers to save America.

But now, we find out that Putin owns members of the Judiciary too.

In February, in a decision that resulted in the best legal minds in the nation falling into a dead faint, MAGAdook Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered(!) Robert Mueller to hand over any possible exculpatory information to Russian asset Michael Flynn and his legal team;

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan filed the order on Friday, directing federal prosecutors to produce to [Michael] Flynn’s legal team “any evidence in its possession that is favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment” in a timely manner.

First, he dared to issue an order – instead of, at most, making a polite and respectful plea – to the Great Robert Mueller. Second, he ordered Mueller to reveal information that could result in Michael Flynn going free! After the Great Robert Mueller had gone through all the trouble of bleeding Flynn financially to the point that he had to sell his house, even after the Great Robert Mueller was forced to threaten Flynn’s son to get Flynn to plead guilty of his treason against America! Now Sullivan wants to the Great Robert Mueller to throw all that hard work away?!

Sullivan’s order invoked the “Brady Rule,” which requires prosecutors to disclose exculpatory evidence in their possession to the defense — that is, evidence that could prove favorable to the defendant in negating his guilt, reducing his potential sentence or bolstering the credibility of a witness.

First of all, the Great Robert Mueller is the most special of Special Counsels – he has the authority to investigate anything he wants, with or without probable cause, whatever the outdated Bill of Rights says. To root out the tentacles of Putin’s influence requires nothing less. So the Brady Rule is a red herring – it simply does not apply to Robert Mueller or people he has indicted.

Clearly, Sullivan is the Devin Nunes of the Judiciary; he must want Michael Flynn to continue betraying America’s secrets to the Kremlin!

Now, another Judge has shown himself to be a MAGAdook, a minion of Trump, a pawn of Putin – Judge Thomas Selby Ellis III!

March 25th, 2018 is the date – another date that would live in infamy, a date when the future where “[Trump’s] loyalists would … see him preside over ashes, with the people enslaved to the state, than to allow for there to be any investigations or questions into his reign”, the day when the “hostile takeover of a free, secure America” became much closer to reality.

On that date, MAGAdook Judge T. S. Elliot III doomed us all to slavery and subjugation by Donald Trump and his master, Vladimir Putin. Judge Ellis denied the Great Robert Mueller’s request for a protective order for information and materials gathered during discovery for the upcoming trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. This means he has to share those materials with Manafort and his legal team! The nation’s best legal minds are still reeling from this perfidy, some have even become catatonic at the shock of this perversion of law.

One has to marvel at the hubris of a guilty man like Paul Manafort. First, instead of confessing his crimes and falling to his knees to beg Mueller for his forgiveness, he decided to challenge Mueller’s authority to indict him in the first place! Would an innocent man do that? If he is innocent, why would he not want a trial to prove it? Would an innocent man seek to hinder the prosecution?

Mueller only made a reasonable request for a Protective Order so he can keep his evidence from discovery by Manafort’s legal team. Yet instead of gladly agreeing, like an innocent man, Manafort took it to court, and now, suspiciously, in a ruling so absurd it boggles the mind, T. S. Ellis betrayed America by taking Manafort’s side;

To begin with, the motion is insufficiently specific in describing the information to be subject to the requested protective order, which is, in the circumstances, excessively broad. To be sure, there may be good reason to apply a protective order to certain specific information in this case, but that information has not been adequately identified or described. Instead, the protective order simply refers vaguely to “other confidential materials” that need to be shielded from disclosure. In sum, the request is too anemic in the reasons proffered to support the issuance of a protective order and inadequately specific about what precisely needs to be subject to the order. The current proposed protective order throws an unnecessarily broad cloak of secrecy over documents and information to be disclosed in discovery. And this is so especially given that the indictment in this case charges defendant with engaging in conspiracies that began as long ago as 2005 and ended in 2014. In circumstances where a conspiracy began and ended several years ago, there is no need to throw such a broad cloak of secrecy aver the materials to be provided in discovery.

Can you imagine the effrontery, the sheer activist gall, of this so-called judge? The Great Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel saving us from the Putin dictated regime of Donald Trump – is that not reason enough to simply grant whatever he wishes? Is the Constitution a suicide pact? And furthermore, MAGAdook Judge Ellis’ mentioning of the fact that Mueller is charging Manafort with crimes that began in 2005 to 2014 means nothing and is, in fact, a red herring. As we all know, Robert Mueller’s appointment allows him to look at anything he wants and get anything he wants, whether it has anything to do with Russia, the 2016 Election or collusion – or not.

So who is Thomas Selby Ellis III?

Research has revealed that he took Senior status in 2007, leading us to wonder how come he assumed control of the case against Manafort? This needs to be investigated by Robert Mueller, as it is within his mandate. Did Donald Trump or Vladimir pull any strings to make sure he would get to try the case? Furthermore, he is 77 years old; are we sure – especially given his crazy ruling – that he is not too mentally feeble to conduct such a trial?

The final thing to notice is that he was appointed by Ronald Reagan – a Republican – in 1987. Meaning that he is, most likely, a Republican. And as we all know, Republicans are not to be trusted with anything regarding Trump, Russia and Vladmir Putin, which is why the Great Robert Mueller made sure that each and every member of his team were active partisan Democrats.

A similar arrangement must be demanded for Judges – only those appointed by Democrats should be assigned to oversee the Great Robert Mueller’s cases. It is the only way to ensure that MAGAdooks, pawns of Putin on the bench, don’t make the Great Robert Mueller’s work of saving us from Vladimir Putin’s clutches any harder than it is now.

We must also demand that MAGAdook judges Emmet Sullivan and T. S. Ellis III are impeached and removed from the bench immediately!