Roy Moore Says His Signature Was Forged In Beverly Nelson's Yearbook ... And It Looks Like He's Right.

Beverly Young Nelson the latest accuser of Alabama Republican Roy Moore, shows her high school yearbook signed by Moore, at a news conference, in New York, Monday, Nov. 13, 2017. Nelson says Moore assaulted her when she was 16 and he offered her a ride home from a restaurant where she worked. Anticipating Nelson's allegations at the news conference, Moore's campaign ridiculed her attorney, Gloria Allred, beforehand as "a sensationalist leading a witch hunt." (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

One wouldn’t know it from the RedState frontpage yesterday, but something significant happened last night in the conflagration that has become the Roy Moore campaign for the Senate.

At a Press Conference yesterday, attorney for Roy Moore, Phillip Jauregui, stepped up to the podium and quite unequivocally called out the one piece of allegedly contemporaneous evidence against Roy Moore, a note containing a flirty message and Roy Moore’s signature, a forgery.

He pointed out the following;

  1. Differences in the handwriting in the flirty “sweet girl” message and in the signature block – particularly the way the ‘7’s in the dates are written.
  2. The ‘D. A.’ tailing Moore’s signature does not stand for ‘District Attorney’ but actually ‘Delbert Andrews’, Roy Moore’s judge’s assistant. He explained that Delbert Andrews, as part of his duties, stamped documents from the judge’s chambers with Roy Moore’s signature and initialed them.
    • The point being that Roy Moore was first appointed to the bench in 1992, and yet his signature exactly as prepared by an assistant, with the exact same handwriting, apparently shows up in a high school yearbook 15 years earlier in 1977.
  3. Directly contradicting Beverly Nelson’s claim that she had neither met nor spoken to Roy Moore since the night he allegedly assaulted her, it appears that Roy Moore was the judge that presided over her divorce.

Jauregui then issued a challenge to Ms. Nelson and Gloria Allred to submit the yearbook for independent forensic analysis. Go to 32:00 or watch the whole thing;

This echoes my observations in the comments in numerous diaries on this story. Please see the picture of the note in the yearbook presented to the media at Beverly Nelson’s emotional Press Conference with Gloria Allred.

I have noted repeatedly that, to my own eye, there’s something noticeably different about the handwriting in both the message and signature block. Specifically, the ‘7’s, the ‘e’s and ‘o’s. The ‘M’s also – though normal writing and signature could be different. The slanting appears to be noticeably different as well as the pressure points on the ‘y’s. Also, signatures tend to be more more slanting than normal writing but here the trend is reversed.

I also noted that Roy Moore’s first step to start clearing his name is to demand for the yearbook to be submitted for an independent forensic analysis, particularly of the handwriting and the ink. And he should also submit copies of handwritten notes and correspondences, not to mention his signature from around that period.

Roy Moore has apparently now done so.

And yet … none of RedState’s frontpage writers, including the ones that have been the most active in following the latest developments in this story with blaring headlines about each new accuser, and Trenton Garmon, Moore’s apparently oddball lawyer, none who have declared the combination of the yearbook and Beverly Nelson’s tears as “powerful” have taken note of the direct challenge to the veracity of the yearbook.

This is despite the yearbook being the only supposedly contemporaneous piece of “evidence” backing up an allegation. Yet, it is, for now, only the Moore campaign is calling for a forensic examination of the yearbook to give science a chance to render an objective verdict that is a lot more definitive than “he said/she said.”

I find it difficult that so few of RedState’s frontpagers are failing to see how huge this would be if Moore forces the issue and it is revealed – as it now seems 99% likely (thanks to that ‘D. A.’) – that his signature was forged.

For most Alabamans, if Beverly Nelson’s allegations (with her yearbook and crying) turn out to be lies, the standard of proof for Corfman’s allegation, or any other allegation against Moore, no matter how many, is going to go way up.

People will not ignore that, unlike the case of Bill Cosby, women had been making these complaints, and these complaints had been documented one way or another throughout his career. Same goes with Weinstein, Clinton, etc.

In Moore’s case, there’s been zero, zilch, nothing for his entire career, through multiple political races, including some with national attention as the “Ten Commandments Judge”. All of a sudden, just when his name can’t be taken off the ballot, in a race with national implications, all this comes out? A whole flurry of allegations coming out all at once, all unproven, all unprovable, all but one without one piece of contemporous evidence, all completely undocumented?

And the only one that seemed to have some “evidence” behind it appears to be faked?

Many more people would be convinced that this is a “pile-on” if it seems that practically every Left-leaning woman (all claiming to be Republican) who was in her teens in Etowah County in the 1970s proudly comes forward to claim she was hit on, dated, molested or assaulted by Roy Moore. The number of women making these allegations – who have, by some miracle, all collectively been completely silent for decades – have already started to exceed the realm of probability.

At some point in time, people would be forced to conclude that Roy Moore could not have had time to go to work in the DA’s office, because he was spending all his time trawling malls and schools asking young girls out on dates.

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