Open Letter to Bill Kristol, Erick Erickson, Ben Sasse, David French, etc.

Good day Gentlemen,

The situation is as follows; we need to convince someone fit to be President to enter the race to provide the American people with an alternative beyond Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We need this person to enter yesterday, before June 9th so that we have a chance of gathering enough signatures to make the North Carolina filing deadline.

Please see the following names;
■ GEN Victor E. Renaurt
■ GEN James T. Conway
■ ADM James O. Ellis
■ ADM Gary Roughead
■ GEN Bryan D. Brown
■ ADM Timothy Keating
■ ADM James Stavridis
■ GEN Peter Pace
■ ADM Mark Fitzgerald

These men were either Service Chiefs of Staff (and principals of the Joint Chiefs) or Commanders of Unified Combatant Commands and they are all at or under 70. Five of these men endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012. Of the four that did not; General Pace is known to be a strong Catholic and social conservative, Admiral Stavridis comes from a Republican leaning family, General Brown’s wife is a registered Republican and the General himself serves as a Senior Adviser to Smith & Wesson, and Admiral Roughead is a Fellow at the Hoover Institution. I submit that these can be taken as indications that they lean Right politically.

I will also bet that every one of them is as horrified at the thought of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton being Commander in Chief over their brothers and sisters in arms as we are.

A General or Admiral – especially one at that level of command experience, is immediately credible as a Commander in Chief, an administrator and as a national security and foreign policy expert. Furthermore, it is safe to say that Donald Trump’s braggadacio would be a lot less impressive against someone who actually is a tough guy and has the stars to prove it.

Any of the above Generals or Admirals can actually win. Furthermore, a General or Admiral (if you are able to secure the support of Ted Cruz and start getting endorsements – especially if he can get some Trump endorsers to switch their support to him) raises the small possibility that the Republican nomination can be wrested from Trump at the Convention in July.

I suggest that when you announce the campaign and introduce the candidate, you’ll do so with copies of the candidate’s Tax Returns, academic transcripts, military fitness reports and his most recent medical report ready for distribution. Just for kicks, you should also include his Birth Certificate.

Finally, note that even though Texas’ filing deadline has passed, the Constitution does allow the TX legislature, which is lopsidedly Republican, to open a one day window for a credible new candidate to file. Even if this does not happen, a truly epic write-in campaign – “Vote for the General/Admiral!” – is very possible even if very difficult. This, of course, does not matter if, by some miracle, the delegates at the convention do not give Donald Trump the nomination and instead give it to the aforementioned General.

But first, we need a good candidate and aim to win – please give these men a call. Now.

Martin Knight

PS: I have a lot of regard for Mr. French, and indeed his body of work and service in uniform is impressive. But we cannot deny that any of the men above would make more of an impact and stand a better chance of succeeding in keeping both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.