#CharacterMatters: A Petition Drive To Deny Trump The Nomination - No Matter What.

Anyone with any small amount of common sense – which neatly excludes Trump supporters – knows that having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket means wholesale carnage in downballot races across the country as millions of previously disengaged voters would go to the polls to make sure his little fingers never get close to the nuclear launch codes. This means a President Hillary Clinton would have no effective opposition against her and a thoroughly weaponized Left-Wing Federal bureaucracy.

The GOP risks the fruits of the labor of at least 8 painstaking years spent rebuilding the party at the local and state levels – successfully winning majorities in the House, Senate, in Governorships and State Legislative seats – disappearing like so much thin air. This is not to mention the taint Trump’s coalition of mouth-breathing Reality TV Birthers, Truthers, and Kluckers would put on the party’s image for years to come.

In 1991, KKK Leader, David Duke (who has, of course, endorsed Donald Trump) was the beneficiary of a divided Republican field that enabled him to come second and enter the run-off against the openly criminal Edwin Edwards in Louisiana’s jungle primary system. Every Republican immediately removed their hands from the race and repudiated his candidacy. Similar arguments were made for Republicans to coalesce behind David Duke – “respect for the will of the voters”, “he’s bringing new members into the party”, “Republicans should back the Republican nominee.” Warnings and threats were made of the precious new voters Duke was bringing along with him disappearing or defecting to the Democrats.

Each and every single one of these appeals rightfully fell upon deaf ears.

Therefore, there is precedent.

Let’s be clear; it is imperative that Donald Trump is similarly repudiated, and denied the nomination, even if he is able to secure the required 1,237 delegates to win at the first ballot.

I submit that if the Constitution itself is not a suicide pact, then neither should the Republican convention or nominating rules.

Convention delegates need to be convinced that giving Trump the nomination, under any circumstances, is committing Party suicide. The Rules Committee needs to be convinced to throw out any obligation to nominate Donald Trump at any point, and ultimately do all it can, bend every rule to deny him the nomination. In fact, I believe that an unequivocal rejection of Donald Trump will bring in more voters than it will drive off. And those it will drive off, we are better off without – or 2020 will see us having to fend off David Duke.

Which is why I am recommending to you all, the launch of a petition drive, both online and offline, with the intention of delivering trucks full of signed petition papers from Republicans (and GOP leaning Independents) promising to sit out the election, or write-in someone else, withdraw their party membership if Trump is nominated, to the various State Headquarters of the Republican Party in all 50 states and the territories, and also to the convention in Cleveland. The petition should focus exclusively on ensuring that Trump is denied the nomination and clearly establish that it is not in favor of any candidate –  Cruz, Rubio, Perry, Jindal, etc. just Not-Trump.

Delegates to the Republican National Convention need to be made to understand, that we have more to lose with Trump, than we do without him.

What makes me actually believe that this could work is Donald Trump himself – now that he is unopposed, his greatest opponent is going to be himself, his utter lack of self-control, decorum and crudeness (not to mention the hurricane of hit-pieces the media is about to unleash on him) is likely very soon going to render him intolerable to voters at large – and to a majority of the long-time party loyalists who would serve as delegates. They would be looking for justification to deny him the nomination – and the successful gathering of millions of signatures will provide just that.

If the petition drive needs a hashtag, I suggest #CharacterMatters – which has the advantage of being slaps at both Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Let’s get to it.