TO: Jay Cost - YouTubify your Storify

Dear Jay,

Leon brought your excellent Twitter rant on Storify to our attention here at RedState.

And as often happens, he is absolutely right – it is an absolute must read.

Here’s the problem; a miniscule number of people are going to see it, when it needs to be seen by far more people.

Which is why I am hoping you would consider putting it on YouTube.

The argument that Donald Trump is personally unsuited for the Presidency is one that needs to have been brought home much earlier in the cycle and to a much wider audience.

I’d recommend including the following (or similar) in the form of newspaper headlines;

  • “Trump Picks Pornstar for Vice-President.”
  • “Trump Calls Prime Minister A Bimbo.”
  • “Trump Nominates Bill Clinton for Secretary of State.”
  • “Bill Clinton 2.0: Trump Sleeping With Intern.”
  • “Trump Marries Pole Dancer in First White House Wedding Extravaganza.”

Complain all they might, but there is no Trump supporter who can say Trump doing anything out of the above would be out of character.