Dear Senator Cruz: It's Time To Put On The Brass Knuckles

A few days ago, you had what has been termed a “throw down” with the once Conservative but now Trump fanboy Sean Hannity on his radio show.

As usual, one can’t fault your performance on a forensic battle ground; you more than held your own – you got some good shots in at Donald Trump, and you were relentlessly on message all through, all while being unfailingly polite to your host and in control in spite of clear provocation from said host.

You were also completely ineffectual.

Sean Hannity (sadly, only one among many) is in the tank for Donald Trump. He knows it. We (meaning you, I, and the rest of the entire world) know it. He knows we know it. Better yet, he knows that we know it that he knows it.

This explains his defensiveness and of course, the repeated “reminders” that he has had you as a guest on his show such and such many times throughout the interview. He is a man with a guilty conscience – in so far as he has one – compelled to defend himself against questions no one has asked.

Which leads me to ask; why didn’t you ask those questions? At this point, you need to make sure that every little encounter, every interview in broadcast or print, has the maximum amount of impact. Someone needs to be asking those questions; putting Trump’s media supporters on the spot to explain what cannot be justified with anything approaching rational thought or moral consistency.

  • One cannot claim to have been disgusted by Bill Clinton’s constant philandering both in and out of the White House, while enthusiastically supporting Donald Trump, an even more shameless and unrepentant philanderer.
  • One cannot claim to be enraged by Barack Obama’s repeated extra-constitutional attempts to rewrite duly enacted legislation while slavishly supporting Donald Trump, who actually promises to do even worse.
  • One cannot claim to be angered by the blatant pay-to-play regime Hillary Clinton ran at the State Department while happily applauding Donald Trump’s open confessions of buying political favors as a sign of a wily and sophisticated businessman.
  • One cannot claim to have been bothered by Mitt Romney’s less-than-consistent record of conservatism during his 2012 run while now supporting a Donald Trump that has no record of conservatism whatsoever.
  • One cannot claim to be all about stopping illegal immigration while supporting Donald Trump – who has and continues to use illegal immigrant labor in every project he has undertaken.
  • One cannot claim to have been annoyed by the sight and sound of arrogant and ignorant celebrities bloviating about political issues while supporting a Donald Trump that is every bit as dangerously ignorant and is defined by his arrogance.

Simply put; there is no profit to be gained in allowing people like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, etc. to continue to pass themselves off as conservatives or even just as honest brokers – most especially at this late a stage. You need to take every opportunity to call them out, shame, humiliate and embarass them. Ask them; what is the Trump policy on taxes? Defense? Foreign affairs? Immigration? Social security? Global Warming?

You need to do that in broadcast and print, on social media and YouTube. You need to do it on their shows when they invite you to defend themselves or their ridiculous toupee’d idol.

Under normal circumstances, calling out your host would be considered rude, disrespectful, even crass … but then, and you should make sure to point this out, for a Trump supporter to complain about rudeness and disrespect is the height of irony and hypocrisy, given their support for a rude, disrespectful, ignorant, crass and vulgar man for no other reason than he is rude, disrespectful, ignorant, crass and vulgar.

I know you will not use the same vulgar and crude language as Donald Trump, but that, I submit, would only make your criticisms even more effective.

It’s time these people were properly confronted. It’s time to put aside the polite fictions and put on the brass knuckles.

Good luck.