A Letter to Trump Supporters

Dear Trump Supporter,

If you think your support for Donald Trump is “wiping the slate clean” or “punishing the establishment” and you think it is worth losing not just the Presidency, but the hard won majorities in the House, Senate, State Legislatures and Governors’ offices that we would certainly lose with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, then you are beyond stupid.

Make no mistake; there’s no nobility in what you’re doing. You’re knowingly actively harming the nation by supporting a man that you know is wholly unsuited and unprepared for the office even if he does win, a man you know is likely to hand the election over to Hillary Clinton (and every disaster that implies) and you’re reveling in your destructiveness.

Remember this when Hillary does even more damage to the interests of the United States on top of what Obama has already done. Everything you claim to oppose will happen much faster and on steroids with Hillary Clinton because you deliberately chose to destroy whatever opposition (at every level of government) she’ll be faced with.

Let’s be clear here; you have deliberately chosen to leave your country worse for your children and children’s children. You have deliberately chosen to put the nation’s soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in harm’s way, not least because of the PC rules of engagement a Hillary Clinton administration would tie their hands with.

By giving the Democrats three Supreme Court nominations, you’ve deliberately sabotaged the First, Second, Fourth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments.

All just so you can feel self-righteous that you struck a “blow” against the “Establishment.”

When Lincoln said America could only be destroyed from within, he was talking about you.

In Absolute Disgust,
M. A. Knight