John Kasich is running for Vice-President of the United States.

He knows it. We know it. We know that he knows it. He knows that we know that he knows it.

He is not a stupid man. Not only is he not stupid, he is a CPA so he knows how to crunch the numbers without any help. He’s also been in politics for decades. He knows that he has no chance of winning the required number of delegates to win the nomination.

While the GOP’s army of effete political “experts” and consultants are certainly stupid enough to consider it (and think themselves amazingly clever while doing so), he also knows that in the event of a brokered convention, that the likelihood of somehow ending up with the nomination despite his paucity of delegates, lack of any large base of support outside of Ohio is somewhat akin to winning the lottery – seven times in a row.

Worse, he knows that his continued presence makes the likelihood of a brokered convention more improbable rather than less, and he knows  exactly whose chances his continued presence in the race would hurt, and exactly whom it would help.

A big part of why the GOP is faced with the existential threat of a low-grade vulgarian winning its Presidential nomination is the preference for polite fictions over plainly visible truths.

So let’s stop being polite, stop allowing John Kasich to insult our intelligence, and simply say it.

The only reason John Kasich is still in the race is to help secure the nomination for Donald Trump, in exchange for the Vice-Presidential spot on the ticket.

It is precisely the sort of thing John Weaver would dream up.

What’s more; I am currently convinced that Trump and Kasich have shaken hands on such a deal.

It’s time the anti-Trump and pro-Cruz SuperPACs dropped the polite fiction (loudly) too.