Dear Sen. Cruz: Campaign for The Black Vote

At the risk of sounding like a broken record; Ted Cruz needs to aim some of his advertising budget at the black community. His laying of responsibility for the state of Detroit at the foot of Left-Wing Democrats’ 50 years of dominance of the city’s political leadership is an excellent start.

Ads carefully connecting the dots between the 50 years of black people’s absolute loyalty to the Democratic party, the fact that every black majority constituency is and has been represented exclusively by Democrats for 50 years, and the current state of the black community – in terms of education, crime, family breakdown and the rather unique multigenerational failure to accumulate wealth as a demographic – is going to have a major effect. Especially if it ends with asking black voters if they can afford another 50 years of Democrats in charge.

This won’t just impact on African American voters (a 10% increase on Romney’s general election numbers is not impossible) but also many white voters who are leery of voting GOP because of the effect of years of race-baiting propaganda, and many rank-and-file Republicans who are sick and tired of seeing Republicans getting hit on racial issues and adopting the fetal position. Seeing a Republican actually go on offense will definitely move primary votes enthusiastically in Cruz’s direction.

One piece of evidence I have is the amount of trolling I’ve gotten every time I have pushed this idea forward. For something that I am assured will not work, and in fact would only harm the GOP, many Democrat activists, especially black Democrats, are apparently quite desperate to make sure it is never tried. One tried to convince me that airing such an ad on BET or urban radio would be “racist.” Even funnier were the concern trolls; one, a supposed card-carrying ‘registered Republican’ seemed to think it would be “unfair” for Republicans to challenge Democrats for black voters and actually demanded to know how I would *feel* if Democrats were to start campaigning in the “Evangelical community.”

My evidence of this working in real live politics is Larry Hogan in Maryland; his advert featuring an African American MD by the name of K. Kandie Leach – whose casual note that voting for the same party expecting something different results was the definition of insanity – was a major factor in his win. This is despite his opponent being an African American, a Democrat, the then sitting Lt. Governor of Maryland, the uniform support of the NAACP, black churches, Obama’s very public endorsement and the prospect that his election would make him Maryland’s first black Governor and only the third black Governor in American history. Despite all that, many black voters realized that they had other options.

This has terrified the Democrats in Maryland, especially within the black community, who have responded by blanketing the airwaves with allegations of secret racism and double secret racist motives in every single decision taken by Hogan – it reached the point that even the Washington Post is accusing the Maryland Democratic Party of having “Hogan Derangement Syndrome.”

I see no reason why Cruz Derangement Syndrome – for the same reason – shouldn’t start now, especially if it wins the nomination.