Issue Tailor Made For Ted Cruz: Clay Higgins vs ACLU

While I concede that there is some level of expertise needed to handle the logistics and finances of a campaign, sometimes I wonder just exactly what it is that makes someone an expert in campaign politics, enough so that he or she gets hired by candidates for millions of dollars. By this I’m talking about the supposed expertise in reading the target electorate, isolating and classifying the salient issues that moves them and crafting a message to reach through.

At the very least, one expects the supposed 21st Century Republican expert to have a number of blogs, news sites and channels that he peruses on a daily basis so he or she can identify stories and events that can be turned to their candidate’s advantage.

Today we have a disaster in the making because only one candidate – the very least Republican of them all – figured it out early enough that the Party rank and file have had it with political correctness, the near outlawing of common sense by a smug collection of elites.

Knowing this, and being an operative – a hired expert – of the Ted Cruz campaign and with less than 24 hours to the primary in Louisiana, I would run to the candidate and tell him about St. Landry Sheriff’s Captain Clay Higgins and his recent forced retirement because gang members and their Left-Wing advocates put pressure on his superiors – this is despite the explicit support of leaders and members of the community that he was protecting from the predations of the thugs he was addressing.


This is a tailor-made issue for a campaign that has read the mood of the Republican Primary electorate.

If I were the Ted Cruz Campaign, I would reach out to this man and as many of the people standing behind him and not only ask for his endorsement, I would also cut an ad demanding that he be allowed to do his job and tell the ACLU and the other so-called activists that called for his resignation exactly where to stick their self-righteous nonsense. I would do this yesterday.