Republican Base Voters Want A Fighter: So Pick A Fight

Donald Trump’s appeal is built around his persona as a fighter – right or wrong; he doesn’t back down, he doesn’t apologize, he doesn’t cave, and when you hit him – he hits back.

For many rank-and-file Republicans, this is as refreshing as a tall frosted glass of ice cold water after miles of traipsing through unforgiving desert. From eight frustrating years of watching George W. Bush get beaten up without responding to the mincing punch-pulling campaigns of John McCain and Mitt Romney, many Republicans have had it with watching their party’s elected officials close to within striking range, see their opponent’s guard dropped and then refuse to throw a punch.

We have too many “experts” who would much rather lose pretty than win ugly, who prefer to sashay to an elegant defeat than stomp through to a rough-and-tumble victory.

The Republican base wants a fighter, and Trump, with his bombast and audacity is offering them that.

As a supporter of Ted Cruz, of course, I think they’re looking in the wrong place.

So I hope Ted Cruz is willing to pick a fight on a subject that the Republican consultant class has counseled far too many Republicans to run away from, and that the majority of the GOP base want addressed; race. To be exact, directly challenging the Democrats’ hold on the black vote.

I have already written a post suggesting what an ad campaign in that vein should sound like. The Democrats’ 50 years of exclusive political power in the black community have been nothing short of a disaster for the African American community, and it is time for black people to examine other options.

The media, the Democratic National Committee, and much of the organizations claiming to speak for the black community (e.g. NAACP, Urban League, etc.) will be apoplectic and will almost certainly hurl down torrents of fire and brimstone in response to such a threat to their power.

If Ted Cruz were to stand his ground – refuse to apologize, continue to attack the Democrats on their 50 years of failure, refuse to allow the Left establishment to use their charges of racism as a cudgel or shield – I believe he would win a lot of the hearts and minds he needs to secure the nomination.