The Black Vote: Key To Winning the GOP Nomination?

Below is a script for an ad that I believe should go nationwide, directly aimed at the African American community.

My dream would be Ted Cruz seeing this and stunning the political world by turning his aim away from his primary opponents and making such a strong play for the Democratic Party’s most loyal voting bloc. The idea behind it is simple – instead of trying to get African Americans to vote *for* Republicans, why not concentrate on getting African Americans to vote *against* Democrats?

Why not turn the Democrats’ 50 years of dominance in the black community from an asset to a liability?

The cast should be African American adults from all walks of life, of all ages, including politicians, e.g. Mia Love, Tim Scott, Will Hurd, Artur Davis, etc.

BLACK MAN: According to Albert Einstein; insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

BLACK WOMAN: My African American brothers and sisters, we’ve been doing the same thing; voting for the same party, year after year, office after office in every single state, county, city and neighborhood in America for 50 years.

BLACK MAN: For fifty years, election cycle after election cycle, African Americans have sent Democrats, and only Democrats, to sit on our school boards, to represent us in the city council, in the State Legislatures and in Congress. We’ve sent them to the Mayor’s office, we’ve sent Democrats to the Governor’s office and even the Oval Office.

BLACK WOMAN: No other voting demographic has been as completely, unquestionably, thoroughly and utterly loyal to a political party as the African American community has been to the Democratic Party.

BLACK MAN: After 50 years, the results … well, they speak for themselves.

[SCREEN: Background images of poverty stricken urban and rural areas. Text – African American Demographical Statistics (Poverty, Home Ownership, Unemployment, Labor force participation, Education Income, Health, etc.) appear/ flash / scroll unto the screen.]

BLACK WOMAN: Democrats, and Democrats alone, are the ones we gave our votes to, to look out for our interests.

BLACK MAN: So it makes no sense to me, to be blaming Republicans, Libertarians, the Reform Party or anyone else.

BLACK WOMAN: The Democrats are the ones who have failed us.

BLACK MAN: After 50 years of absolute loyalty, I think it is time we stop putting all our eggs in one basket. I think it’s time to consider other options.

BLACK WOMAN: Not voting for the Democratic Party does not make you an Uncle Tom.

BLACK MAN: Demanding better does not make you a traitor to your race.

BLACK WOMAN: According to Albert Einstein; insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

BLACK WOMAN: 50 years of failure is enough.

The point is, as Kevin Williamson recently had cause to note, is that Republicans bear no responsibility for the state of the black community today.

Every single black majority political constituency, from the school district, to the City Council to State and Federal legislative districts are represented and have been represented by Democrats for the past 50 years. Every Democrat Mayor, Governor and President since the 1960s owes his election in no small part to the unparalleled loyalty of black voters.

During this time, the black family has largely disintegrated and black people continue to consistently occupy the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder in America, especially in cities where Democrats have dominated the political scene for decades. African Americans continue to have the the highest crime, school failure, poverty, family breakdown, labor participation and unemployment rates.

Someone needs to forcefully connect the dots and push the message through.

Given the desperation within the Republican rank and file for someone, anyone, to push back on the Democrats’ on race, I dare say such an ad would only redound to the Republican candidate’s benefit.

I hope that someone would be Ted Cruz.

EDIT: Larry Hogan got to be the Governor of Maryland, taking the entire political world by surprise – in large part because he had no problem telling Marylanders that they can’t continue voting the way they do and expect change. So he made ads (with excellent messaging and casting choices) like this;