How Rick Perry Can Get Back In The Race ...

1Rick Perry continues to make the mistake of focusing far more attention on destroying Donald Trump than building up his own prospects. As the saying goes, mudwrestling with a pig only results in both of you getting dirty, and the pig likes it. Trump is thriving on the Outraged(!)™ media attention, and he has the advantage of the fact that there is no depth of crassness and crudeness that he would not sink to “win” an engagement.

The simple fact is that Perry’s campaign needs to do is ignore the so-called political “experts'” conventional wisdom of what you can and cannot do, and start thinking outside the box. Outside-the-box thinking would reveal that there are at least three major goings-on right now that present three great opportunities for Rick Perry to break out of the 1% mark and connect to the heart strings of the Republican base and beyond.

I’ll just focus on one – the most immediate; The Iran Deal.

It’s not just Israel that thinks this is a bad deal, so does practically every other nation in the Middle East – including Saudi Arabia, and over 2/3rds of the American people, with majorities among both Republicans and Democrats, so beyond a screeching Outraged(!)™ filled New York Times editorial, there really is no political negative in leaping to the front in opposing the deal.

Here’s what’s even better about it; it allows him to directly call out the much-hated “Establishment.”

If I were Rick Perry, I’d sit down in front of a camera, with an American flag behind me, and proceed to lay out the case against the Iran Deal;

  • I would detail the secret side deals with the IAEA, the failure to reveal all aspects of the deal to Congress, how it unconstitutionally undermines the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – which can only be modified by another treaty or a specific Act of Congress, to the $150 billion heading Iran’s way.
  • I would point out the heavy majority of the American people, the national security experts, the scores of retired Generals and Admirals, and Democratic Senators and Congress in opposition to the deal. I would point just how bad this deal must be if it has Israel and Saudi Arabia on the same side.
  • I would express my disappointment that not enough Senate Democrats were able to put the nation’s interests above that of getting the President a partisan win.
  • Then I would drop the hammer, not on Obama, but on the two Republican Congressional leaders by putting the onus on them to stop it using all available means granted to them by the Constitution and Congressional rules – if they truly believe this deal, as they have repeatedly said, poses a threat to the interests of the United States.
  • I would then helpfully lay out how they can do so i.e. pass a Resolution in both Houses of Congress deeming that the Iran deal has gone beyond the scope agreed to by Corker-Cardin and is therefore considered by the Congress to be a treaty – forcing Obama to either submit the deal to the Senate for approval or, go it alone with the deal as an Executive Agreement which would then make the deal vulnerable to legal challenge by Congress under the precedent set by Gibbons v. Ogden.

I’d then immediedately upload everything to YouTube and send out a Press Release. This would, of course, cause a massive amount of media consternation and Outrage(!)™ and the media’s pet domesticated pseudo-conservatives e.g. the Davids Brooks & Frum, would be trotted out to furl their lips and sniff at how uncouth and unsophisticated Perry is.

Better yet, it would absolutely incense McConnell and reduce Boehner to a sobbing blubbering wreck. Apart from the New York Times declaring bankruptcy and shutting down its presses, nothing would make the base happier … and I would bet anything that Rick Perry’s prospects would immediately begin to look a lot brighter.

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