Why Democrats Really Oppose Voter ID ...

The Left’s arguments against voter ID are fundamentally dishonest, and at their core, intensely racist. At the core of it, the risible implicit argument the NAACP and every single liberal is presenting here – and they are largely getting away with it – is that it is unreasonable to expect an African American, simply by virtue of the color of his or her skin, to be able to procure, hold and present photo ID.

Essentially, according to the Left, from the Democrats to their allies in the media, Black people, as opposed to Asian Americans and Whites lack the mental capacity to take a valid photo ID to the polls. Make no mistake – this is the liberal argument at its core, and they know it, which is why they simply skip past how they came to this conclusion and simply assert that Voter ID is Jim Crow come again.

Which is why I make it a point to ask any liberal squealing about Voter ID to kindly explain why they believe a Black man – like me – as opposed to a White or Asian man, is somehow intrinsically less capable of taking a valid photo ID to the polls on election day. They’ll hem and haw, try and change the subject, but none can answer.

Furthermore, as everyone has pointed out, if requiring photo ID to prove your identity before being issued a ballot and directed to a voting booth is racist, then it is racist every time a bank requires a photo ID before you can cash a check, every time a store asks for ID before you can buy a six-pack of beer, every time an employer asks for ID before you can join their workforce, every time a police officer asks for your driver’s license after a stop on the road, every time you’re asked for ID before you check in to a hotel, and every time the security guards require an ID as a condition of entry into Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

This usually prompts the disingenuous counter-argument that voting is somehow “different” because it is uniquely a constitutional right.# Which, of course, doesn’t make it okay that banks, airlines, landlords, the highway patrol, liquor stores, hotels, and all manner of employers, including the Federal Government, are being racist everyday when they ask for ID. In fact, given that all of the above, banks, airlines, hotels, supermarkets, government offices, etc. can be classified as public accommodations, and given the liberal belief that part and parcel of being Black is a significantly reduced ability to possess valid photo ID, then of course, any photo ID requirement by these institutions is a violation of the Civil Rights Acts, if not the Constitution.

#You need a valid photo ID to legally own a firearm – a black letter Constitutional right – a situation the Left hypocritically has absolutely no wish to see changed.

The third most common argument deployed by the Left against Voter ID is that voter fraud is supposedly a non-existent crime, and as evidence, they point to the fact that very few people have been convicted of voter fraud in recent years. This, of course, is disingenuous, because it doesn’t take into account the unique nature of voter fraud, and it speaks to the stupidity of the Republican enactors of Voter ID legislation that they often let this nonsense go without tearing it apart.

Voter fraud is usually an organized activity, not some spur-of-the-moment decision by its perpetrators, the overwhelming majority of whom are Democrats – as we have seen with the IRS and FEC, the spirit of Tammany Hall is still very much alive and well in the Democrat Party. It’s relatively easy to carry out, and, unless stupid or lazy, like ACORN’s activists, extremely difficult to get caught because, unlike burglary or fraud, it’s a crime where the victim doesn’t know he’s been robbed  – no one notices that his vote just got cancelled out because some other guy voted twice. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that votes are rightly anonymous, and the fact that once it gets into the ballot box, there’s no way to sort out legitimately cast votes from the fraudulent, prosecution is extremely hard.

Too many people focus on ACORN’s registrations of Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and the entire line-up of the Yankees. First of all, ACORN was, and is, not the only Leftist “social justice” organization that goes out to register voters (both real and fraudulent) for the Democrat Party. Second, the cartoon characters and celebrities are atypical, and simply a sign of a lack of discipline and dedication, not to mention greed to maximize the number of registrations. The real scrutiny should go to the normal sounding names i.e. Richard Coleman, Daniel Smith, Rebecca Perez, etc.

How it works is simple; you register fake voters with real addresses lined up against their voting precincts some months before election day. You keep a record of these fake registrations. You also cross-check the list of registered voters as against lists of people who have passed away, moved or are registered in nursing homes. Again, you keep records.

As Election Day approaches and early voting starts, you print up fake utility bills and simply hand them out to volunteers – the unions are usually able to rustle a number up – or, as the article up above points out, the local Democrat Party machine hands out “walking around money” and Democrat operatives are at local homeless shelters, day-labor corners, or wino encampments, with vans to drive people from polling place to polling place, and utility bills and other paper “proof-of-address” documents to be issued as appropriate for each location. If the state allows same-day registration – all that the Democrat operatives in the vans need is to give their charges is a small piece of paper with addresses and ZIP codes matching the polling station on Election Day.

So “Richard Coleman” votes, becomes “Daniel Smith” in another part of town and votes again, and so on. By the time our admirably extra-conscientious citizen has done his civic duty five to six times, he gets a pack of cigarettes or twenty dollars and he’s back to being just “Bob” at the homeless shelter. The five fraudulent votes he cast, however, are nicely mixed in with legitimate votes to be counted, now impossible to be identified and extracted.

In all the rush and with all the long lines on Election Day, especially in the cities, who has time to check? The utility companies do not send reps to sit with the pollworkers to identify whether the bill being presented is real or fake and practically none would spend the resources necessary to go after people who fake their bills when it’s not hurting their bottomline.

In other words, the victims don’t know they’ve been robbed, it’s close to impossible to get caught, and even if caught, the fraudulently cast votes cannot identified, which means they still get counted, and which also means there is no proof that the person caught actually cast a vote – even if he did enter the polling booth. Furthermore, since the proof of address has no picture and the details inside are false, the person can plausibly claim to not to have anything to do with the document – e.g. he saw it on the ground and just picked it up. Which makes this as close to a perfect crime as it gets.

However, with a photo ID requirement, narrowed to just a finite handful of government issued cards and papers, things get much less simple, much more expensive, and much more risky.

A utility bill on a piece of paper is easy and dirt cheap to produce, and distributing them to your fake voters requires no special logistical effort to match a document to an individual – you can simply share them out at random. Fake driver’s licenses and military ID cards are not so easy or cheap – and not only do you have to produce the ID, this time you have to match documents to specific individuals. Worse still, given the transient and highly mobile lifestyles of the sort of people you find at homeless shelters and day-labor corners, you may end up investing money and effort to produce an ID for “Bob” only for him to hitch a ride out of town before the main event.

The added element of risk comes from the fact that with a finite, smaller number of allowed forms of identification, pollworkers and the parties’ poll watchers can be easily trained to spot fakes – which further increases the cost of producing fake IDs. Faking the holographs, watermarks and all the other anti-fraud and security measures that tend to adorn government issued IDs for the number of people required is not cheap.

Even worse; once caught with fake photo ID, “Bob” can’t plausibly deny that he just picked it up, especially with his picture on the card. And considering the fact that every government in the world takes a rather dim view of people forging its documents, the probability that one would face prosecution just got much higher – “Bob” and his other fellows in the van would need a lot more than a pack of cigarettes or $20 to convince them to go into the polling station with fake IDs bearing their photographs. And they likely won’t fail to mention the van and the people carrying them around to vote.

Add it all together; requiring valid government issued photo ID makes voter fraud more expensive, more logistically tasking, much more likely to be discovered, and much more likely that the perpetrators are going to jail.

That, in a nutshell, is why Democrats are so upset about voter ID legislation. It isn’t because voter fraud is so rarely caught and prosecuted, it’s because they want to keep it that way.