Why Republicans Lose: Example 1,256,361

Michelle Rhee has an article up on the Huffington Post – the key part is this;

Most people in this country do not favor vouchers in education, because they don’t want public dollars going to private institutions or businesses. But the logic holds absolutely no water.

We have federal Pell grants that low-income students use all the time to attend private colleges. Pell grants aren’t limited to use at public universities. We have food stamps that low-income families redeem at nongovernment grocery stores. And let’s not forget about Medicare and Medicaid.

Think about it this way. Say your elderly mother had to be hospitalized for life-threatening cancer. The best doctor in the region is at Sacred Heart, a Catholic, private hospital. Could you ever imagine saying this? “Well, I don’t think our taxpayer dollars should subsidize this private institution that has religious roots, so we’re going to take her to County General, where she’ll get inferior care. ’Cause that’s just the right thing to do!”

No. You’d want to make sure that your tax dollars got your mom the best care. Period. Our approach should be no different for our children. Their lives are at stake when we’re talking about the quality of education they are receiving. The quality of care standard should certainly be no lower.

Look at the way this argument was presented – clear, sharp, evocative, and very very brutally hard to counter. Try and imagine a debate between a Republican and a Democrat, the topic being education policy and the subject just happens to be vouchers, and the Republican just repeated this verbatim.


Because no Republican would ever do this – his consultants will tell him that it’ll be too harsh, too direct, too confrontational, too “divisive”. In other words, the New York Times just might publish a critical editorial tomorrow.

What is sad is the fact that School Choice presents the best opportunity for the GOP to actually make inroads into the African American community, and we’re letting it slip away.