Romney Can Wrap This Race Up Right Now ... And Most Importantly, Help People In Need.

Remember all the chortling and eye-rolling at Romney on MSNBC for collecting food, clothing and other stuff in Ohio for victims of Sandy? Andrea Mitchell, Martin Bashir and their guests were all agog at Romney’s classlessness for not restricting himself to just blood and money for the Red Cross.

Apparently, the only aid agency in America is the American Red Cross.

Well, as it turns out, the Red Cross seems to be dropping the ball and while Michael Bloomberg is busying himself with the New York Marathon and other frivolous concerns, it would seem that all the stuff Romney thought to ask his supporters to bring over are exactly what is needed right now.

If I were advising Mitt Romney, I’d ask him to dip into his personal bank account and not just get his bus, but also any other form of transport he can get his hands on and start getting that stuff over to where it is needed. I’d tell him to have it announced that his rally attendees should bring whatever they can, clothes, canned food, etc. to the rallies and there would be trucks that would take them to the nearest helipad/airfield to have them delivered to New York, Staten Island, the Jersey shore, etc. He should cut ads immediately to get the message out and publicly appeal to people with jets and helicopters to put them to use to help their fellow Americans.

That’s what I’d advise him to do.