TO: Gov. John Kasich & The Ohio Republican Party - WATCH THIS.

The Baroness Margaret Thatcher had a saying; “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.

This is how you win the argument.


Let me spell it out; get a bunch of your statisticians and Think Tank (e.g. The Buckeye Institute) folks, have them sit down with a bunch of Adobe Flash animators (heck, hire the same folks the MacIver Institute and AFP folks did in Wisconsin) and get something like this explaining the facts and figures, and the hows, whys, whats, wheres and whens. Cut it down to five minutes (if at all possible). This really should take no more than two days, three days at the max.

Remember Obama’s informercial? Who says the same tactic can’t work for Republicans? Spend all the money necessary (don’t flinch) to have it put on Ohioans TV screens for the last three to five days before the referendum – can you honestly say defeating the unions would not be worth a few million dollars, even tens of millions of dollars? I’d also recommend putting it on a web page with a nice big PayPal logo right beside it.

And, oh yeah, put it online as well all over your websites – every Republican elected official in Ohio should have it embedded on the front page of his or her website.

End point; you win. The voters in the “middle” need things thoroughly spelled out for them otherwise they go with what they see on their TV screens. This does exactly that.