Why I'd Pick Michael Williams Over Ted Cruz

First of all, both Ted Cruz and Michael Williams would make wonderful Senators and I’ll just as enthusiastically back either one if he wins the nod when the (Primary) votes are counted.

That said, and maybe my reasoning for this is not “Conservatively Correct” but I would recommend Michael Williams for everyone’s consideration before Ted Cruz – who is still young enough to go for the seat Rick Perry is vacating in 2015.

My logic is this; since both Cruz and Williams are equally conservative and electable (especially Williams who has been elected three times statewide), we need to look at other factors – and the most salient is race, and what it would symbolize when a Republican stronghold, a Southern Republican stronghold at that – the state of George W. Bush, sends an African American to the Senate.

The truth is that the election of any minority as a Republican is an utterly painful event for the Left. But the GOP having a black man as a member of the US Senate caucus, sent there by conservative voters from a conservative state, would be nothing short of excruciating.

Let’s be clear, electing Williams to the Senate serves two purposes – getting a great conservative to the Senate and shooting a below-the-waterline hole into the “Republicans are Racists!” meme in a way electing Ted Cruz simply would not. The fact of the matter is that racism in America is inextricably tied to the African American community by history itself in a way that matches no other group, including Hispanics.

That said, this may not win the GOP any major inroads into the black community – in fact, the likelihood is that he would become the target of a full blown hate-campaign of character-assassination and calumny by the entire plethora of “civil rights” organizations. But for those who are persuadable in and out of the black community it will help us win votes. It’s an undeniable symbol that the GOP truly practices what it preaches about being color-blind … and I need not tell anyone here that symbols are important in politics.

So I ask you to imagine having the only African American member of the Senate being a Republican. From Texas.

Better yet, imagine Jennifer Carroll in Florida throwing her hat into the ring against Bill Nelson in 2012. Now imagine again the absolute nightmare it would be for the Left if the only *two* African American members of the Senate, and both from the South, are Republicans.

What’s not to like about that?

PS: Just to remind everyone, both Ted Cruz and Michael Williams are good guys. Let’s not allow what happened with the primaries in NV last year happen here. The fact that you prefer one over the other should not in any way be taken as license to launch a campaign of destruction on the other just to get your guy to win. This is what happened with Nevada last year – some people took their preference for Sharron Angle as a reason to attack the integrity and commitment to principle of Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian. That was unnecessary.

Here, especially when we have such an embarrassment of riches in these two guys, we should be future-oriented – the fact that at least one of them is not going to be the next United States Senator from Texas does not mean that same guy is not going to be the next Governor of Texas. Let’s do our best to keep this particular contest civil in preparation for the next fight after it’s done.