Winning the battle on SB1070

Former Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY) may not have been a conservative’s idea of an ideal Senator from a state as Deep Red as Wyoming but he was right; “An allegation unchallenged is an allegation believed.” Republicans still seem to not get this very simple idea; you cannot cede the information battlefield to the other side and expect to keep a lead, much less win.

Which brings me to the patently dishonest Leftist caterwauling about AZ’s new immigration law.

Now, screaming “Nazi!”, “Raaaaaaaaacist!!!” and other forms of hate accusations is simply standard Left-Wing behavior. And while the polls say the majority of the American public supports the law, I believe that there is enough ignorance and confusion in this particular case to let Left turn the tide their way.

I my opinion, the effective silence of the principals (Russell Pearse, Kris Kobach, Jan Brewer, etc.) in favor of this legislation while the entire Left-Wing establishment and their surrogates in the Press are busy painting the image of jackbooted Aryan police stopping innocent Hispanic Americans on their way to the park with their kids and executing them right there on the sidewalk if they don’t “show their papers” is nothing short of dangerous and can jeopardize the passage of similar legislation in other states.

My idea to counter this is simple; Governor Brewer and Senator Pearse should make a video clearly explaining what the law says, demonstrate (with actors) how it’s supposed to work and how the police are expected to enforce it, why it is necessary for Arizona from a basic fiscal and security standpoint and then point out a few facts that the media has been avoiding e.g. it’s been the law for over 50 years that legal immigrants must carry identification at all times – and furthermore it’s the law in Europe, in Canada, and yes, even in Mexico (the immigration laws of Mexico should play a starring role.)

Then send it to every major news outlet in the nation, have it played on AZ television and upload it to YouTube and the Governor’s website a day later. FOX would certainly play it on air and the other networks would be forced to follow.

It won’t shut the shrieks from the other side, but it would throw some major sand in their gears.

Game, set and match.