Let's Not Get Cocky.

Undoubtedly, yesterday was a good day.

But that said, let’s not let that go to our heads and make us complacent.

There’s a lot of hard work to be done – NOTE: from now until 01/19, every day is Scott Brown day: donate and volunteer and we need to realize that there are still ten whole months left before November 2. A lot of things can change in that time … and we should be prepared for any contingency so we’re not ruled by events instead of the other way round.

There’s still money to be raised, volunteers to be recruited, neighbors and co-workers to be won over, precincts to organize and ultimately campaigns to be won. We should not make the mistake of thinking the ND seat as good as won because Dorgan quit, or the CT seat as good as out of reach (as many are suggesting) because we no longer have Chris Dodd to run against.

No seat is out of reach for any party, or any candidate – a Democrat, someone you’ve never heard of, can still win the ND seat and hold it for the Democrats; Dorgan has been on that seat since the 80s and ND’s all Democrat Congressional delegation shows that ND voters are perfectly capable of reflexively sending a Democrat back to replace Dorgan in the Senate. So we really should stop crowing as if it’s a done deal.

We’ve got tough races ahead in PA, CO and AR. We have to defend seats in NH, FL, MO, OH and KY. We have a slim chance of being able to make IN competitive and the outside possibility of making CA a nailbiter. We have a greater chance of taking down Reid in NV and getting Republicans in Obama’s former IL seat and Joe Biden’s DE seat. The last two may not feature the ideal candidates but, as Aaron very recently put it; (especially considering the locales involved) “… First you turn the seat republican…then you turn the seat conservative.

Does one need to mention the magnitude of the psychological blow it would be to the other side to lose those two seats?

And that’s just the Senate.

Another thing we also have to remember is that we’re laying a foundation for 2012 … and beyond.

Not just for the Senate where the Democrats would have 24 seats to defend to the Republicans’ 9. There’s also the House (incl. NY-23) for 2010. There are Gubernatorial elections, elections for State Legislatures, county and city/township offices coming up. To be honest, for a party that claims to advocate Federalism, we do not give nearly as much attention and accord as much significance to local seats as we should (one of the things the Committeeman Project is designed to rectify). That’s how we build a party and, yes, that’s how we’re going to build a bench for the Federal level.

So, I suggest that rather than take this as a sign that the wind will be at our backs in November and therefore we should be able to relax a little, this should be a wake-up to redouble our efforts and force them to give more ground and aim for making November 2 not just a good day, but a day for the history books.

There’s a reason the Left and their media allies (let’s not forget them) can’t seem to go a day without some attempt to dampen Conservative spirits (witness the countless articles still being published declaring Conservatism “dead”) and disparage the Tea Party movement – their obscene insistence on using the “teabagger” slur being a big part of it. People are getting informed, figuring things out and getting alarmed despite their best efforts to prop up this Administration.

So, let’s not get cocky.

Let’s get to work.

PS: as nelsa reminds me, let’s also not forget the Primaries – that’s a key part of laying the foundation for victory in 2010 and on to 2012; getting the right people to carry our banner.
So we need to get Marco Rubio across the finish line in FL and …
Bob Bennett needs to lose to Mike Lee or Cherilyn Eagar in UT.