The New RINO Central Online: "Republicans United"

Anyone here remember GOPProgress? Supposedly the “moderate” and “progressive” Republicans’ answer to RedState, it’s proprietress was Liz Mair, formerly the Republican National Committee’s Online Communications Director and now one of the contributors at the sarahphobic FrumForum.

I believe she was the only person on RedState who was excited about Lincoln Chafee, who according to her and the folks who frequented her site was the sort of “… mild-mannered, independent-minded, and definitively centrist” politician Republicans would do well to have more of.

Apart from boosting politicians like Chafee and the other members of the Republican Main Street Partnership such as Arlen Specter, Nancy Johnson, Jim Leach and John McCain, GOPProgress’s bandwidth was mostly expended on launching broadsides against other (conservative) Republicans. The echoing of terms (“Extremist”, “theocrats”, “haters”, “Far Right”, “Fascist”) one would think would only occur to Kossacks in describing conservative Republicans was extremely common.

I had a very memorable back and forth with the folks at GOPProgress where I was known as “Martin the Extremist!” {cue lightning, thunder and maniacal laughter} for this post. It was fun.

Well, GOPProgress went dark some months after that and that special breed of Republicans who despise Republicans lost one of their most high-profile online homes.

Until now, perhaps.

I just discovered (H/T: Erick) “Republicans United” – a website for Republicans who think the Republican Party should become “progressive”, and while at it, boot out the “Far Right” and open the doors to liberals – which sort of belies all the talk of unity. As is to be expected, they strongly supported DeDe Scozzafava and have nothing but contempt for Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint and Michelle Bachmann (who they seem to have made a hate-figure), and like GOPProgress before them have bought hook, line and sinker, into the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory.

Against all this, they claim to stand for;

  • More efficient, less intrusive government;
  • Devolution of Federal actions to states and localities;
  • Fiscal policy which encourages the American entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Individual freedom and individual responsibility;
  • A strong military and diplomatic corps dedicated to defending America’s interests;
  • A strong and secure American family; and
  • No matter where they live or were born, all Americans have the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their children.

… while supporting candidates who say things like this;

I am a Keynesian. I believe in government spending us out of a crises.

Anyway, for those of us who might be curious about the thought processes of those Republicans who pine for the days of Bob Michel and believe that the GOP was doing well until Reagan came along and ruined everything – and it would appear, seem to know everything they know about Conservative Republicans from the New York Times’ editorial page – it might be worthwhile to take a look.