I'm Disappointed With Sarah Palin's Reaction To Letterman's Attack On Her Daughter(s).

No. I haven’t suddenly become afflicted with Vichyism and become a “moderate.”

I fully expect that, as David Letterman increasingly comes under fire, the Left’s pet Republicans, i.e. the Davids Frum and Brooks, Meghan McCain, Kathleen Parker and newly minted “moderate” Peggy Noonan would explode unto our screens to come squarely down on David Letterman’s side – chiding Palin for “overreacting” and warning her that her anger at having her teenage daughter(s) attacked by a 62 year old man on national television would “turn off” “centrists” because it would be seen as “far to the Right” behavior. Kathleen Parker would probably write that Willow deserved it for having such a horrible mother in the first place, and Peggy Noonan would earnestly assure us that Letterman – deep deep down inside his soul – feels diminished and sorry about it – just like, she assures us, Ted Kennedy feels nothing but regret and sorrow for his attack on Robert Bork.

The brackets above are to indicate the fact that Letterman has apologized for – as he’d have it – inadvertently attacking 14 year old Willow Palin when he really meant to attack Bristol Palin – which apparently makes it all better.

That said; to explain the title, I believe in the concept that in politics, one should not use an M16 on an enemy when a perfectly good JDAAM is available – unlike the typical celebrity-worshipping “moderate” Republican I believe that the Palins are under-reacting.

David Letterman attacked their daughter on national television. Issuing a Press Release, no matter how strongly worded, just seems not quite commensurate as a response to a 62 year old man joking about a 14 (or 17) year old being raped in a stadium, to his audience’s appreciative hoots and applause, and repeating a joke along those lines the very next night.

A boycott of sponsors won’t work – I say this because I’ve seen calls for a Great Conservative Boycott dozens of times on a myriad of subjects, only for the whole thing to fizzle after a week or less. It’s a pipe dream as far I am concerned.

I would instead recommend a video response; with Todd and the Governor facing the camera and tying this episode firmly around Letterman’s neck, ending with Governor Palin quietly asking Letterman to extend the same courtesy he continues to extend to President Obama’s two beautiful daughters to her children – partisanship should take a back seat to basic decency. First of all, this should be uploaded to YouTube, LiveLeak, etc.

Next, have a web page for contributions so it can be put on the air, nationally.

Letterman’s sponsors would respond very quickly.