NY State Senate: Defection A Serious Miscalculation by Hiram Monserrate

Moe wrote about Hiram Monserrate back when the story broke about his Christmas-time attack on his girlfriend with a broken beer bottle for having another man’s business card in her purse. The woman needed 20 stitches around her eye.

In reaction, the brand new incoming NY Democratic Senate Majority closed ranks around their man and one of their number, State Senator Eric Adams, went so far as to criticize the police for trying to “humiliate” the State Senator-Elect by making such a fuss of his girlfriends bottle-carved face.

Anyway, after a little flash-in-the-pan coverage of the entire incident, the rabidly Democratic/liberal New York media conveniently “forgot” all about Hiram “Slasher” Monserrate and his girlfriend. In case one doesn’t know, the Democratic media and its journalists are very capable of strategically ignoring violence against women for political ends. (see Kopechne, Mary Jo and one Kennedy, Edward Moore).

In other words, given a choice between weakening the Democrats’ hold of the NY State Senate – finally achieved after several long frustrating decades – and not risking that by ensuring that justice is done for a battered woman (as they certainly would have if Monserrate was a Republican), they predictably went with the former.

Which is why Hiram Monserrate just made a big mistake. The only reason his face and that of his erstwhile girlfriend’s with the twenty stitches have been largely off the radar in the NY media, and he hasn’t been hounded into stepping down before he spent a single day in court, was because of the ‘D’ he wore behind his name.

He just exchanged it for the hated ‘R’ – and now the journalists, their editors and all the liberals who have hitherto been all-too-happy to ignore his legal troubles so long as he was a vote for a Democratic Majority Leader are going to suddenly – very conveniently – rediscover their outrage.

Oh well … can’t say I feel sorry for him. I do feel sorry for his girlfriend and I hope she’s fully recovered and carried on with her life. But I feel even more sorry for the people of New York.