Racist Gives House To Black Woman. Rent Free.

[H/T: HotAir]

Liberals in academia, media, and entertainment have one particular unshakeable belief; all Republicans are racists.

You can be a life-long member of the NAACP. You can be married to a black woman. You could have spent ten years in Africa running a clinic providing healthcare to orphans.

It doesn’t matter – the instant you register as a Republican and declare an interest in pursuing elected office, automatically you’ve as good as joined the Klan. And not just you, your entire family enters along with you. Your membership in the NAACP? Just a cover for your racism. Your African American wife? An “Aunt Tom” that you victimize daily. Your clinic in Africa? You probably poisoned/infected the children yourself.

You are a racist. Every part of your life and every single word you utter would be scrutinized to support that belief. Did you name any one of your (mixed-race) sons Keith, Kyle or Kenneth? Did you name any of your daughters Kelly, Keisha or Kimberly? Well … that’s incontrovertible proof that you’re a racist – everyone knows that giving a child a name that starts with ‘K’ is code to White Southerners (who, of course, only vote for racists) that you’re bringing back Jim Crow.

Did your great-great-great-grandfather that your grandfather never met fight for the Confederacy during the Civil War? Do you have ancestry from South of the Mason-Dixon line? And you’re a Republican?! That’s close to iron-clad proof that you’re a racist. Racist!

There’s nothing you can do about it; today, it’s part and parcel of identifying yourself as a Republican – you’ll be called a racist and/or accused of appealing to racists – especially if you have the audacity to win.

Which brings us to this racist today, trying to cover up her racism.

FL House Rep. Nick Thompson’s (R-Fort Myers) wife Chené found herself moved by the story of Henrietta Hughes and decided to do something about it.

The problem, of course, is that Chené Thompson is not only married to a Republikkkan, according to public records, she donates to them.

Chené Thompson; racist.