RE: Jindal to Give State of the Union Response

The decision to give it to Jindal to deliver the response to President Obama’s address to Congress is an uncommonly good one – I wouldn’t have thought it would ever occur to the fossilized mind-set of the GOP leadership; someone must have dropped IQ pills in Boehner and McConnell’s water. Hopefully the effect would last for a while.

But credit where credit’s due. This was a very good move.

During the Chairman’s race, almost every single one of the contenders emphasized how important it was to make good use of our Governors in rebuilding the party – not all are pathetic eunuchs like Schwarzenegger. In the absence of a President, Senate Majority Leader and Speaker with an R behind his/her name, Sanford, Huntsman, Daniels, Carcieri, Jindal, Barbour, etc. need to take center stage.

What would make this an even better move is if Jindal made his response a full blown Press Conference with a long Q & A session afterward – something he can easily handle; I haven’t seen the man give anything less than an encyclopedic response to any question he’s asked.

But what would make it an absolutely brilliant move is if Bobby were to invite a few people along to join him in answering questions at the Press Conference in Baton Rouge. Mitch Daniels for one, being Governor of Indiana and a past OMB Director (credibility), Michael Steele for another (to leave no doubt of where the GOP stands), Bob McDonnell, the next Governor of Virginia (this makes it more likely), and, of course, Palin.

The reason for Palin is simple – for a losing Vice Presidential candidate Palin draws attention like no politician I’ve ever seen. A typical viewer may watch Obama’s speech and switch over before the response, but a lot (her fans and most especially, her haters) more would remain to watch if Palin were to appear beside Bobby to take questions alongside him after he does respond, which means we get more exposure for our message, Jindal, Steele and McDonnell. Palin gets the benefit of facing the press on her own terms, untied to the script of an incoherent Presidential campaign.

Elections are won and Majorities are made by making the most of opportunities like this.