Dear Sen. McCain ... Go Suck A Lemon.

Echoing his silly attack on the NCGOP during the campaign, for no reason other than ingratiate himself with the hacks travelling with him in the so-called Straight Talk Express, McCain has decided to once again take aim at his party, this time the organization is the RNC, and pull the trigger.

McCain suggested the Republican National Committee’s calls for the Obama team to publicly release their conversations with Blagojevich and his people aren’t helpful.

“With all due respect to the Republican National Committee, we should try to be working constructively together,” McCain said.

And with all due respect, Sen. McCain … kindly shut the #@$! up. We tried it your way and it didn’t work. Remember? It was only few weeks ago? There was a nomination, a convention and an election? Does all that ring a bell?

At this point, one has to face the facts, McCain is a one-trick pony. It’s always “Bipartisanship” – he really has nothing else to offer. On policy – “Bipartisanship.” Politics – “Bipartisanship.” Picking judges – “Bipartisanship.” Diarrhea? “Bipartisanship.” The cure for cancer? “Bipartisanship.”

I don’t care how senior or respected he is, I think McConnell should sit him down and promise to strip him of any semblance of seniority if he so much as frowns in the general direction of another Republican.

Son of a …!