Suggested Theme (Mock-Up) for RS 4.0

I’ve been moaning and groaning about the site template (or theme) since the move from RS 2.0. Personally, I thought RS 1.0 and 2.0 templates were very good. RS 3.0? Well, it wasn’t just the CMS (I’m sure Neil would agree) that was cr*p.

Let me be honest, I really, really, don’t like the RS 3.0 (and now 4.0) theme.

I think it’s dull, depressing (the {body} gray never fails to p*ss me off) and, with all due respect to the guy who came up with it, it probably turns a lot of curious people away before they figure out that they’ve stumbled upon one of the treasures of the Internet.

Despite the saying, and we should know this especially after this election, people continue to judge the book by its cover. And seriously, when you compare the look and feel of RedState now to that of DailyKos and there’s a lot less to make the random clicker stay.

Either way, the last time I complained about the theme/template, Erick asked me to get in touch and make some suggestions. Since then though, Erick has had a lot more important stuff to deal with so I’m letting y’all take a look while the Dear Leader and Gunnar get acquainted.

The following are gif mock-ups of the front page as conceived by me (and inspired by the template of RS 1.0) over the last two days – I used Photoshop to put it all together, which means it probably would be a nightmare for the guy who’d have to come up with the CSS and code the PHP. {grovel}Sorry!{/grovel}

Yeah … I know; I forgot the “Remember Me” checkbox.

This is when one is logged in (see the Profile) and is hovering over the “Sections” i.e. Categories menu.

I just think an Events calendar “on mouse over” type widget would be cool.

Subscribe …

Anyway; all criticisms welcome. The aim here is to kick-start a collaborative process that would come up with something better than what we’ve got now, even if it looks nothing like what’s above.

Martin A. Knight