Not To Rub Anyone's Face In It But ...

I hope and pray that we have seen the absolute last of the “Ignore the Polls! Ignore the Polls! They’re all Lying! Ignore the Polls! Turn Out! Turn Out!“.

We comforted ourselves with this same fairy tale in 2006. I’m really really hoping that yesterday put this stupidity to rest … or do we really need to be hit again for the third time?

Once (again!), it turns out the polls were pretty accurate. Like they were in 2006 (when we lost), in 2004 (when we won) and 2002, when most of our guys that we’re seeing being booted out of the Senate by their electorates were being voted in by the very same people.

I remember tearing my hair out about it in 2006 to no avail – i.e. they can’t all be lying, I said. Ignore the polls! Turn out!!! were the shrieks in response. Heck, in 2006, even the Republican internal polls were being dismissed by some of the smartest of our regulars.

This time, I couldn’t bring myself to refight old battles again. I’ve always thought part of being a conservative is resisting the urge to see the world through Rose-tinted glasses. Well, the past few weeks have been a revelation.

This is one of those situations where I really wish events proved me wrong. Unfortunately, I was right. {shrug: Yay for me …}

We have races next year (VA and NJ) to pay attention to. I sure as heck hope that never again would anyone who screams “Ignore the Polls!!!” be taken seriously again. We’re supposed to be smarter than that.