McCain's Steadfast Refusal To Let Loose On Fannie & Freddie Is Going To Lose Him The Election

McCain may have mentioned it in one or two speeches, and his campaign may have issued a gratifyingly harsh press release about it a few days ago … but that’s generally it. Even the ads that are meant to be on the two GSEs and Obama and his fellow Democrats’ role in protecting them have been milquetoast affairs and restricted to the web for political junkies to see.

Practically none of them are on TV, where it matters. Perhaps McCain and the RNC are saving their fire (and money), but time is running short and McCain twice refusing to pin the blame for the number one worry on voters’ minds on Obama and his fellow Democrats during the debates leads me to believe we’re going to hear the nebulous “Wall Street greed” line once more when they meet for the last time in New York.

The fact that Obama joined with ACORN to sue CitiGroup in Chicago for rightfully balking at extending mortgage loans to people who could not afford to pay them is something that should be pounded on day after day until Election Day as well as his extensive ties to top Fannie Mae executives – who richly rewarded him with massive campaign contributions that had him raking in more in four years than any other Senator in the past ten years.

It is my considered opinion that McCain is letting this slip past his fingers the longer he keeps this up …