Focusing so much on Obama and Ayers instead of Obama and Fannie Mae CEOs Johnson/Raines is a big mistake.

The McCain Campaign and the GOP should be pounding Obama on both associations, but considering the economic turmoil is what is at the top of the headlines, Obama’s connections with Fannie Mae CEOs Johnson and Raines should be receiving a hell of a lot more attention.

What’s more, the Ayers issue does nothing for the races down the ballot. The Democrats own this crisis – they caused it and, by rights, they should be made to pay. Even liberal shows like Saturday Night Live and Colbert have recognized it.

Bill Clinton himself fingered the culprits as his fellow Democrats on national television … so what the heck are the RNC and the Congressional GOP Campaigning arms waiting for?

Has the Beltway Republican’s obsession with Bipartisanship™ and Comity™ gotten so acute that any and all semblance of a killer instinct has disappeared?

Republicans have already waited too long to start pounding on this issue as it is. Where are the ads? Where are the fiery speeches pinning this on Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and their cohorts?