We Really Should Be Asking ABC For The Unedited Tape Of The Gibson-Palin Interview ...

I wrote about this before, wondering (and frustrated) at how come the McCain/Palin campaign wasn’t making the requisite noise at ABC’s blatant dishonesty in editing the Palin interview.

But as Providence would have it, and after seeing Moe’s RedHot of a Palin interview sans well … questionable editing, perhaps this (crunch time) would be a better time to apply some pressure on ABC to release the full unedited Palin interview with Charles Gibson.

What ended up on the cutting room floor? What exactly is it that Charles Gibson and ABC didn’t want the American people to see?

To the lawyers here – speaking hypothetically; what if some honest guy at ABC got a hold of the tape and sent it, to say … Brit Hume at FOXNews? Can FOX be forced to expose him or can they refuse just like the AP refused to co-operate with the Secret Service in identifying the creep that hacked into Palin’s email?

PS: CBS, we deal with later …