".. b .. b .. but ... but ... but Rick Davis ...!"

Rick Davis was indeed a hired lobbyist for Fannie Mae – his job was to speak up on their behalf in DC, the way a lawyer speaks for a client in court.

Meaning that he had nothing to do with Fannie Mae’s shady business practices, questionable accounting and their knowingly underwriting a massive amount of bad loans.

And even then, John McCain still put forward legislation to bring Fannie Mae under proper control.

Jim Johnson, Obama’s close buddy, the guy he’d put in charge of selecting his VP (and still a close adviser), CEO of Fannie Mae, on the other hand, certainly did have a lot to do with all that stuff that Rick Davis didn’t have anything to do with.

What? You guys are pretending to not know who Jim Johnson is? Or his fellow former CEO (one of Obama’s housing advisers – he said so), Franklin Raines?

Seriously, the Rick Davis BS is weak.

In fact, I hope Obama brings it up tomorrow in Nashville so McCain can kindly return the favor and tie Johnson and Raines around his scrawny neck.