Sending Sen. McCain A Message: "Take The %@$#! Gloves Off!"

In all likelihood, John McCain, after listening to the so-called “advice” of the coterie of failures and incompetents that so spectacularly failed George W. Bush, is going to, once again, blame “Wall Street greed” in the abstract for the sub-prime mess when asked, and if he makes any mention of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, he would only do so in passing and nod in agreement when Obama blames “deregulation.

As we have read (and seen so far), Jim Pethokoukis’ report that the McCain campaign is seeking to avoid pinning the blame for Fannie and Freddie fiasco on the Democrats because;
     [1] It’s too complicated for McCain to explain … – denoting a lack of seriousness
[2]     Criticizing the CRA could leave him open to charges of racism … – denoting cowardice
[3]     They think it’s a distraction from important issues like taxes, earmarks, agricultural policy in New England, etc. the issues voters are really focused on … – denoting abject stupidity
… seems to be true.

Given the ticket’s recent debate performances, and the talking points by McCain/Palin surrogates on yesterday’s Sunday Morning talk shows, the chances are more than 50/50 that McCain the Comity-Loving Bipartisan Maverick, is going to take the stage with Barack Obama tomorrow and let him skate by on the number one issue in the headlines today.

We need to let him know that that would be a very very big mistake. As Geraghty put it, if McCain refuses to talk Fannie and Freddie on Tuesday, that’ll be proof-positive that he’s not particularly interested in leaving the Senate, and we might as well start preparing for the 2010 mid-terms and a much more seasoned Sarah Palin heading the ticket in 2012.

If John McCain doesn’t feel that the Democrats’ refusal to confront mismanagement of government-backed institutions that gambled and lost, requiring a massive infusion of taxpayer dollars, isn’t worth making an argument about, then you might as well let Obama have the presidency.

The only way I can think of to let McCain know that the timorous Bush aides advising him are incompetents who are only good for being listened to in order to determine what not to do, is to hold a “Take Off The F$%#ing Gloves” rally outside his hotel in Nashville with placards demanding he not let Obama and the Democrats off the hook. Mine (long) would read;
     “Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Jim Johnson, Franklin Raines, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama: Tell America The Truth!
     “No Time For Bipartisanship: Democrats Caused The Sub-Prime Mess: Let Them Have It!

What do y’all think? And how can it be organized? Can it be done?