My Fax to the McCain Campaign (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I faxed this to the McCain campaign’s headquarters this morning. I humbly request all who can to help me reinforce the message. The numbers (Fax) are;
      (703)752 2515 : (McCain/Palin HQ)
            NOTE: This was the number during the primaries – it may not be the same now.
      (202)228 2862 : (McCain’s office in the Senate)

Go to this page for fax numbers to the RNC. eg;
       (202) 863 8820 : (RNC Chairman – Mike Duncan)

If you have any numbers, e-mail addresses or any other way to contact members of the McCain/Palin team, especially any of the higher-ups, please don’t hesitate to use them. Money is not the only way to contribute to a campaign; an idea you have that you share may make all the difference. Keep in mind that just a few tweaks can make even a phenomenally bad idea a brilliant one, and brilliant idea even better.

TO:              Steve Schmidt – McCain/Palin 2008

CC:              Robert “Mike” Duncan – Republican National Committee



Congratulations on the successful launch of the first step of the McCain/Palin effort to properly hold Senator Obama and the rest of his fellow Democrats accountable for their protection Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their role in jeopardizing the American economy. Again note that I am referring to it as only a first step.

To make this truly effective, Senator McCain, Governor Palin, the rest of McCain/Palin campaign and the RNC must follow-through, starting tonight at the debate in Nashville. The following are my suggestions.

  1. Senator McCain should bring up the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac matter repeatedly (don’t wait for someone else to bring it up) and hit Obama (and his fellow Democrats) hard during today’s debate and the debate afterward. Tell of the contributions, and of his work for ACORN suing Citibank for rightfully not giving loans to people who could not pay them back, i.e. Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance#1 Attach his name to Fannie Mae CEOs Jim Johnson (who he gave the task of picking his VP) and Franklin Raines (his self-admitted adviser on housing issues, according to the Washington Post). Tell the whole world about the accounting scandals at Fannie and Freddie. About the $122000 hush money he got from Fannie Mae executives, second only to Chris Dodd#2. Rinse and repeat. It will never get old.
         IMPORTANT NOTE: If Obama tomorrow tries the “same as Bush on the economy” canard at any point in time, pointedly remind him that the Bush Administration issued warnings on the need to deal with the risks posed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac every year from 2001 to 2007,#3 and tried to bring Fannie and Freddie under control under a new Agency in the HUD in 2003#4 but Senate Democrats blocked it.
  2. Be prepared for the “Rick Davis” dodge from Obama during any debate where McCain brings Fannie Mae up. The proper response is for Senator McCain is to focus on Obama’s friends, Jim Johnson (who he put in charge of his VP selection committee) and Franklin Raines (who the Washington Post reported before the crisis as one of Obama’s advisers – isn’t it convenient that Obama is denying him now?), who were the CEOs of Fannie Mae, the architects in charge of the sub-prime disaster who were funneling money to Democrats in Congress to continue keeping them free of proper regulatory oversight. McCain should literally ask if Obama is really going to “insult the intelligence of the American people” by trying to draw an equivalence in culpabilty between Rick Davis, a hired advocate, and Jim Johnson/Franklin Raines?
         IMPORTANT NOTE: John McCain should not forget to highlight the fact that it is on record that he sponsored, along with his fellow Republicans, Senators Dole, Sununu and Hagel, legislation to bring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under control in 2005 – and while every Republican on the Senate Banking Committee when it came up voted for it, every single Democrat on the Committee voted against it.#5
  3. Not one single McCain/Palin surrogate should fail to mention the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac issue on the talk shows and on the stump from now until Election Day. Even if the talk show hosts don’t bring it up, let them do so unbidden. Democrats are as close to a 100% responsible for this mess as it gets. The talking point to counter their “deregulation” nonsense is that, strangely enough, the Democrats actively prevented Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from being properly regulated even after it was revealed that they were cooking the books in multiple investigations. Why? Because they were essentially being paid off i.e Chris Dodd, Barney “Roll the Dice” Frank et al.
         IMPORTANT NOTE: Unleash Sarah Palin on this – at rallies, Press Conferences and any further interviews. Make up for not letting her injure Joe Biden with this issue during the debate.
  4. Ads; the McCain campaign and the RNC (what’s all that money for, anyway?) should blanket the air waves with them – that’s the only way to beat back the conventional wisdom being pushed by the Democrats and their friends in the Press blaming Republicans for this mess. You need not have multiple Congressional Democrats in one ad. It’s even better if you can have one for each (just to draw it out and emphasize how deep the corruption went), with the money he/she got from Fannie Mae and his/her ‘D’ highlighted and enlarged for all to see. Jim Johnson proudly calling the Democrats/Obama Campaign “family” appearing in each ad would be great – call the series “Family Business … You’re Paying For It.
         Intersperse all this with detailing the Bush Administration’s 2003 effort to rein the GSEs in and the Hagel-McCain-Sununu-Dole 2005 effort to bring Fannie and Freddie to order. All blocked/filibustered by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s Democratic Congressional protectors. Run Senator McCain’s speech on the Senate floor on behalf of this legislation. Run these all through to Election Day – this will do wonders for down-ticket races.
  5. Make sure to pound out a daily message of how a McCain Administration will never allow anything like this to happen again. Announce plans to reform, restructure and even shut down the GSEs if necessary. Announce modifications a McCain Administration would push going forward to make the $700 billion rescue bill less of a burden on the taxpayer. Announce that win or lose, Senator McCain will push for the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate into what happened and how come Dodd and co. could always be counted on to shield Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from necessary scrutiny.

I believe you certainly do not need me to inform you that this is no time for half-measures. Good luck, Sir.Sincerely,Martin A. Knight

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ORIGINAL POST BELOW THE FOLD.I faxed this to the McCain campaign’s headquarters today.

TO:        Steve Schmidt – McCain/Palin 2008SUBJECT:    Effectively Combating the Obamaphile News Media
You are obviously a very busy man right now so I will get to the point. The following is an idea I hope you may find useful over the coming few weeks. I desire neither credit, recognition, reward nor acknowledgement for it, only that you give it your consideration for what it could do for your candidate’s campaign. As we have already seen, you have recognized the New York Times for the partisan pro-Obama advocacy organization it has become – I submit that it is time to openly acknowledge the fact that this sell-out of journalistic principles is not just limited to the NYT but to most of the news media today, including the big three networks.The idea: A web based daily “news review” show openly challenging and refuting the “facts” presented to the American people by the liberal news media from now up until Election Day. Each show/episode to be uploaded daily to YouTube, LiveLeak, GoogleVideo, etc. Downloadable versions in all audiovisual formats (mpg, mp4, avi, wmv, etc.) should be made available on johnmccain.com and selected mirror sites.The concept is simple; every day for the next three to four weeks, two “anchors” at a news desk (I would heartily recommend former MD Lt. Governor Michael Steele as one of them) would present “Setting the Record Straight” – a twenty to thirty minute show in which they would turn a brutally critical eye on the news media’s campaign-related reportage and the commentary that went on in the past twenty four hours (and beyond where necessary), naming names and issuing forceful corrections/refutations on a daily basis.For source material; every single day, conservative bloggers from all over the United States do amazing work examining, researching and refuting the corrupted information being put out every day by the media in the hopes of getting Barack Obama into the Oval Office. All the campaign need do is to tap daily into this rich source of information. I am referring to websites and blogs like; Instapundit #1, Ace of Spades #2, Power Line #3, Patterico #4, Redstate.com #5, The Anchoress Online #6, etc.Without spending much more than what it would cost for a set of cameras, a teleprompter, a fast internet connection and video/graphics editing software, and, at most, a few additional campaign (if even required) staff, “Setting the Record Straight” would be one effective way to combat/neutralize the daily barrage of slime being thrown on Senator McCain and Governor Palin by Barack Obama’s legions of supporters in the news media.I guarantee you, Sir, that there would be millions of views within hours of the first broadcast being uploaded to YouTube, and millions more day by day, and I submit to you that the potential upside, especially when you add the viral effect of word-of-mouth, would far outstrip any potential downside.Thank you for your time.Sincerely,Martin A. Knight

  1. http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/
  2. http://www.ace.mu.nu
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