BREAKING NEWS: John McCain Just Threw In The Towel.

McCain campaign officials have apparently informed James Pethokoukis that John McCain, most likely after taking the advice of some of the many former Bush aides that have somehow managed to get themselves hired by his campaign, has decided to adopt the “New Tone” and go easy on the Democrats and the huge role they played in creating the financial crisis together with Fannie, Freddie and the CRA …

The following three reasons, a picture-perfect distillation of “New Tone” “Bipartisan” er … logic (i.e. see Bush’s poll numbers), are the reasons being given for this decision;

  1. It is a complicated argument, and McCain is not good at making complicated arguments …
  2. There is a racial component to criticism of the Community Reinvestment Act that can make it sound like you are scapegoating minorities for Wall Street’s problems.
  3. The campaign believes McCain’s time is better spent talking about taxes and energy and healthcare …

All incandescently stupid reasons – which leads me to suspect that not just Nicole Wallace, but also Dan Bartlett and even Scott McClellan may have been inexplicably given roles to play in the McCain campaign.

This may explain why, in response to Gwen Ifill’s very predictable question about how the financial crisis came about yesterday, Sarah Palin curiously barely mentioned the GSEs and made absolutely no mention of the Democrats’ role in shielding Fannie and Freddie from any oversight and regulation; she was being loyal and obeying orders.

If this is true, then it is obvious that John McCain has changed his mind about wanting to leave the Senate for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and is now preparing to return to his role as the Democrats’ best friend from across the aisle in Congress. What better way to start than by assisting his friends in avoiding any responsibility for their actions one month to election day?

My only question is why did he not pick someone with no future prospects to be his Vice-President if he had no intention of actually winning this thing? Why take Palin, instead of someone like Graham or Lieberman, down with him?

I urge everyone to please get in touch with the McCain/Palin campaign and the RNC and demand that this decision to let the Democrats off the hook be reversed – swamp their switch boards. Demand that ads on this should start being filmed and cut to be on air by Monday or McCain should drop Palin from the ticket in favor of Joe Lieberman so she can go back to governing her beautiful state of Alaska.

At least then, without a record of having been on a 40-10 losing ticket she’d be able to run again with Bobby Jindal, Jon Huntsman or Paul Ryan in 2012.