Scorched Earth partisanship is the best way to pass the Bailout Bill

We have Democrats on record defending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, some are even on YouTube. We have facts and figures on our side while the worst the Left can level is that Rick Davis’ firm had Fannie Mae for a client when he was no longer there. We have news articles dating from as far back as 1999 warning about the crisis that could hit if the GSEs were not reined in, investigations detailing the corruption in the Fannie and Freddie’s accounting … and we have Democrat after Democrat standing up to be counted as the GSEs’ champions when all this came out.

We have McCain, the Bush Administration and even Bill Clinton, on record seeking to bring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under stricter oversight and supervision and Democrats on record opposing any such thing.

The RNC needs to start cutting ads and bombarding the states with them placing the blame squarely where it belongs. Americans need to know who Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines, Artur Davis, Jim Johnson, Barney Frank, Maxine etc. are and how responsible they are for the current mess.

The American people need to know that this is all about the Democrats, and we should name names, cleaning up a mess they actively helped create due to their own corruption and shortsightedness.

That’s the best chance of getting a good, clean, and responsible bill. Barney Frank yesterday chided and mocked recalcitrant Republicans for taking offense at Pelosi’s partisan speech (actually blaming Republicans for the actions of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, et al.) when the bill failed. Their feelings getting hurt is no reason not to vote for it, he sneered.

Well, then … turnabout is fair play. Let them have it with both barrels all the while demanding they pass a good bill.