Open Letter to Governor Sarah Palin

Madam Governor,

I’ll be brief because I know you’re a busy woman at the moment.

I’ll therefore be frank. Your last interview, the one with Katie Couric, yes, that one – it was bad. Which means it was actually atrocious because at this particular point in time, you cannot afford to have a bad day on national television. You’re very obviously an extremely intelligent and strong woman. It is the reason you’re drawing crowds everywhere you go. So please act like one.

Let me be clear here, you’re doing a major disservice to yourself and John McCain’s prospects of taking the oath of office come January 20th by allowing yourself to be made into a simple regurgitator of stale “Maverick” talking points. Frankly, it makes you look stupid.

So please, I implore you … tell Steve Schmidt to back off, tear up the script of talking points so you can be the pitbull in lipstick we were all excited about.

Sincerely YoursMartin A. Knight