The Obama Campaign/MSM are regaining their footing ...

As a lot of people are beginning to notice, after the Palin pick sent the Obama Campaign and his cohorts in the media into spastic paroxysms of insanity and hatred, the two entities (to the extent that they’re actually two separate entities) seem to have re-established their previously smooth-running hand-in-hand relationship.

Much as we don’t want to admit it, the Obama Campaign is clawing its way back up in the polls with the full support of the MSM.

It has now become a war of attrition with the Obama Campaign having the decided advantage of having their attacks and press releases uncritically repeated to the American people by their cohorts in the media. Attacks and criticisms of Obama are either going to be ignored or presented in a way designed to mitigate their effectiveness.

The media has already begun the steady drumbeat of articles purporting (primarily via deliberately misleading headlines, ledes) to call into question the credentials, honesty and integrity of both principals on the McCain/Palin ticket.

The target audience are the undecided; “swing voters“, “independents“, the “middle“.

And unfortunately, no matter how distrusted the media are according to the polls, yes, even among “independents“, the bulk of these voters get their daily feed of news and opinion from the self-same MSM. 50 straight days of pro-Obama and anti-McCain news coverage is going to have an effect.

Let’s be ready …