I Wish The GOP Paid More Attention To The Dextrosphere

Author’s Note: I apologize if this reads like a “stream of consciousness” morass …

Reading through RS, Instapundit, Ace, Powerline, etc. today, I’ve come across information dug up by bloggers and commenters that is a potential goldmine for any good (and aggressive) campaign organization that knows how to present it well in ads and interviews by the candidates and their surrogates.

We may not be the cash machines Kos and other Lefty enterprises are, but we’re certainly closer to the mainstream of America and more perceptive of what would work to convince people to our side.

For example, how many people in the McCain campaign know that he sponsored a bill in 2005 that attempted a reform of the regulatory scheme with regard to Housing? A bill that may have exposed/halted the corrupt practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that are only now reverberating across the financial world?

With the exception of the Miers episode, throughout the nightmare period between 2005-2006, Right-wing bloggers screamed about the spending, the coddling of corrupt members of congress, Bush’s refusal to engage with the American public and leaving the Press all the free room necessary to bring him down. Over and over again.

And we were right.

If information is power, the McCain campaign has all it needs to run an issue-focused campaign that informs and educates as well draw as voters to the McCain/Palin ticket. The only barrier is that inside-the-beltway GOP campaign experts are all too afflicted with the arrogance to think that we have nothing to offer other than a platform for their candidates’ talking points.

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