Sarah Palin should have her own cameraman recording the interviews with Charlie Gibson as a safeguard against creative editing.

I think Palin would do well to have her own cameraman openly recording in the room with Charlie Gibson’s crew during the remaining interviews. From what I’m seeing, there’s a lot of stuff on the cutting room floor that probably shouldn’t be there … including Gibson’s condescending attitude.

Gibson would be spooked … and that’s a good thing. Because he’ll know that whatever he cuts will definitely finds it way to YouTube.

When British reporter Martin Bashir (strangely enough, now of ABC just like Charlie Gibson) went to interview Michael Jackson in 2003, Jacko apparently had an inkling that Bashir had already decided on the story he wanted to tell … and he was perfectly willing to edit and cut the interview till it matched.

So Michael – uncharacteristically – did something smart.

Regarding his 2003 dialogue with Michael Jackson, titled Living with Michael Jackson critics contend the documentary was yellow journalism, claiming Bashir edited the tapes in a sensational manner that only presented Jackson in an unflattering light. After seeing the edited version of the interview, Jackson released a rebuttal interview, filmed by his personal cameraman.

Granted, it didn’t make Michael look much better, but it sure as heck made Bashir look like a sleazebag.

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