2010 And How To Win....

The dimocrats are finally going to have all of their wishes come true.  They are going to pass Health Care and later in the Spring they will pass Cap and trade.  I am very dismayed at what I hear from the NRSC and RCCC.  They are both stating they will campaign on “get us elect and we will roll back SOME of the provisions of these bills”.

The RNC is keeping tight lipped on this matter.  Someone has some brains in the GOP at least.

In 1994 the GOP went after the dimocrats hammer and tong.  They accused the dimocrats of everything.  At one point Newt Gingrich on national TV and Radio accused the deaths of Susan Smith’s two small boys on liberal policies.   If it was not GOP it was attacked, attacked, and attacked again.   They had some fluff pieces of a positive nature, but the rest was one brutal attack piece after another.

Also the media was actually playing it much more fair then, then now.  They learned their mistakes in 1994 though they will be walking, talking shills for the dimocrats.   They will be the 24 hour attacks dogs for the dimocrats.  The dimocrats will take their polling data and focus group sessions straight to the liberal press and they will write stories attacking and condemning GOP candidates based upon those findings.

The dimocrats will have a fortune to spend.  The pharmaceutical companies, the AMA,  AARP, labor unions, and the other groups will see to that.  They will outspend the GOP.

The press here in Southern Virginia is tipping the hands for the press around the country.  They will go to the tea partiers and see how they feel about the GOP candidates.  They not ask about the dimocrats, or health care, or anything else just how they feel about the GOP candidates and they will publish only if the feedback is negative.  The tea partiers will learn very fast if they want to be on TV on in the paper just bash the GOP.  Bash the dimocrats and they be treated as if they never existed.

When the health care bill is signed it is my understanding there will be millions of dollars of ads run almost immediately attacking the GOP as the party of no and trying to block the greatest piece of legislation since Social Security.

Michael Steele has to run immediate ads attacking this legislation.  The ads have to be brutal.  For now forget the cost and the expense of that legislation.  Concentrate on just one thing.   The dimocrats on this Christmas season have stolend your children and your grandchildren’s futures.  They have guaranteed that the legacy you pass on to them will be less then what you had in your life.

The dimocrats have guaranteed your children to live in a third world hell hole where everything they do will be monitored by the government and their allies the labor unions.  A simple spot to make and run.

Mother and Father watching their children unwrapping their presents on Christmas Day.  The parents are smiling, the gorgeous green tree the lights all of the gift wrapping representing all of the colors of the rainbow.  Show the parents faces.  A voice over begins on November 7, 2008, did you understand that it was the beginning of the end for your children.  The dimocrats and Obama (never President Obama, never say that again) promised change and they have delivered.  They have stolen your children and their children’s futures.

[Image on screen begins to darken from color to black and white]  [Parents smiles beginning to fade]  How does it feel that your children and your grandchildren will never have the hope and promise that you worked so hard for them to inherit.  Are you still glad you voted dimocrat?  [Children go out of focus and the couple sit with tears going down their cheeks in a very stark black and white.]

Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack and then attack again.  First of all every survey taken shows that negative ads based around children are the most powerful influencing tool in regards women voters.  Women are still in the dimocrats column.  Rip them loose.