The "Godfather" Government continues

Fox news has an interesting, albeit, appalling story on the White House and it’s continuing threats to anyone or anything who dares stand in the way of their “progress”.

Now, apparently, the White House (a.k.a. Godfather Central) is threatening Congress that unless they pass Cap and Trade, that they’ll have to unleash the EPA via their “Environmental Czar”, Lisa Jackson, on the economy, which could be “bad for business”.

So, instead of broken knee-caps and noses, it’s broken businesses and loss of jobs, etc.  It’s so nice that the Obama administration isn’t shy about making threats to get what they want.  I am sincerely hoping that someone in Congress will call attention to this.  Obama and his thugs would love nothing more than to circumvent the legislative and judicial branches entirely and have supreme power.  Can’t anyone in Congress see this before it’s too late???

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