The President Says "Things Could Be Worse!"

I was having a cup of coffee and reading through the local paper when I came across an article discussing remarks that President Obama recently made at one of his many campaign/fundraising stops. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that the President had told the audience “things could be worse.” It seems especially odd coming from the same man who 2 years ago ran for President with a campaign slogan of “change you can believe in.”

President Obama continues to blame our Republican Party for all economic woes facing our country. The problem with that argument is that the Democrats have now controlled the White House, the Senate and the House for nearly 2 years. They have rammed through every policy they’ve wanted and are now faced with dealing with the failure of those policies.

Instead of owning up to their mistakes and working to repair the damage they have done, now the President is saying “it could be worse.”

Try telling that to the unemployed people struggling to provide for their families. 14.6 million Americans are out of work. To them things can’t get any worse. They recognize that the Obama Administration’s economic policies have failed. They know that billions of dollars have been spent with a guarantee that unemployment would not rise above 8 percent, and yet it sits at 9.5 percent and hasn’t moved significantly lower for many months.

People look at a federal government that has become so bloated that it is now involved in virtually every facet of our lives and wonder can it be worse? They look at record deficits and out of control spending and wonder can it be worse? They look at hundreds of thousands of small businesses closing their doors and wonder can it be worse?

No matter how the President and his advisors attempt to spin the economic crisis, the American people will hold him and his Party accountable in November.

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