The American Spirit

This week as I watched television and listened to news reports, it seemed that the news was really terrible.  Floods in Tennessee with a staggering death toll, a terrorist attempt in New York City that could have resulted in the deaths of many innocent people.

But then I thought, as bad as the news was, the one constant that stood out like a shining beacon, was the spirit of everyday Americans.  In New York City, a street vendor, a Vietnam War Veteran, noticed a suspicious vehicle.  He didn’t walk away from a problem.  Instead he looked for a police officer and told them about the vehicle.  The police officers didn’t take the easy way out either.  They moved people away from the scene, called for the bomb squad and did what needed done to protect innocent lives.

In Tennessee, as violent storms ripped through our state, and severe flooding occurred, everyday Tennesseans reached out a helping hand to their neighbors and to strangers.  Our first responders, as they always do during times such as these, went above and beyond the call of duty.

In this dangerous world that we live in, where hatred and violence and natural disasters sometimes collide to almost overwhelm us, we each can help in some way.  If you see something suspicious, don’t just walk by.  Notify authorities.  Get help.  You could save innocent lives.  If a natural disaster strikes your community, reach out to your friends, neighbors and complete strangers.  Lend a helping hand.

We can and do each make a difference, from the street vendor in New York, to the average citizen in Tennessee, to the Airport security worker, to the first responders on the scene of disasters.

The generosity of the American people is legendary.  So is their Spirit.

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