Did You Know Cornyn was Conservative Like You?

Although John Cornyn’s 2014 Senate seat is up for re-election, no major primary challengers have yet been revealed.  But I’m guessing he is taking the potential threat of one very seriously.  Already, Cornyn campaign ads have been released on Radio and TV.

Here is the transcript of one of those ads:

Senator John Cornyn has voted time and time again against ObamaCare.

He brings Texas Common Sense to an often senseless Washington.

Balanced Budget Amendment, Repeal the Death Tax, Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Propose No Budget, No Pay.

The National Journal named him the 2nd Most Conservative Senator in America

Our John Cornyn, Conservative like you, like Texas.

Excuse me while I throw up.

Conservative like Texas?  A better comparison is squishy like elephant #[email protected]&%*!.

I’m sure that those in states that have Establishment GOP RINOs up for re-election in 2014 will soon have to stomach the same type of ads from your own con artists.  What is insulting to me is that they run these ads when their secret has been revealed; thanks in large part to the new conservative media and Ted Cruz.  We now know better.  In the past, we were duped by the Congress’ show votes instead of focusing on what was actually won or what wasn’t won.

It’s like the Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza wants to sell more computers than a childhood friend (Lloyd Braun) only to buy them himself to win the contest and later plan to take them back to recoup his money.  George ringing the bell to signify another sell is like the show votes the RINOs rely on to appear conservative but in reality to keep the ways of Washington status quo.  What we end up with is an apartment full of broken computers that we foot the bill for.  “Serenity Now!”

Unfortunately, way too many uninformed voters (yes, we have those on our side too) don’t know.  The ads to these voters make them think, “Wow, John Cornyn is sure fighting for us!”

For those of us that do want to unseat these RINOs, the task will be a huge uphill battle.  Not just from these misleading ads but from the huge fundraising campaign war chests they accumulate.  As of the last quarter that just ended September 30, Cornyn’s campaign manager Brenden Steinhauser said they raised $1.8 million.  The official fundraising totals have not yet been released, but Steinhauser said Cornyn’s re-election bid for next year had $6.9 million on-hand.

Don’t be discouraged.  The battle can be won as we’ve seen Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio win elections against opposition that were well financed.  The key will be to find candidates that can create a grassroots’ ground swell and get not only the likes of you and me to write checks but to get the big donor crowd to write checks as well.

This is the easiest way to start taking back our party and our country.  Win or lose, there has to be real lines drawn between both parties.