Message Board Trolls

Predictable occurrences of liberal message board trolls trying to play the part of good Samaritans as they warn us of our own demise.  Not that the country is going bankrupt which is a real fear or their made-up fear of global warming but letting us know that our conservatism will be the end of the Republican Party.  Of course, it’s not just a mere helpful warning, it’s always a hate spewed diatribe filled with insults, leftist talking points and illogical vitriol.

“Guys like Cruz are going to be the death of the Republican Party. What you die hard, far righties fail to realize is that you are the extreme minority in this country as are the ones on the far left.” – actual partial post on “The Right Scoop”

Without a doubt, the uptick of these trolls means we are winning.  Our ideas are winning and the Progressives are in full court press to marginalize us.  I’m not sure where these trolls come from or where they go after an attempt to correct our crazy ways but I do enjoy reading their posts and engaging them in debate.

Has anyone else noticed this rising trend of trolling the past couple of weeks?